The Energizer Children

Ever wonder why kids sleep like logs at night and get really cranky when they’re tired?

Because they don’t understand the concept of exerting energy with moderation!  I spent the evening with my parents and two nephews (5 and 2- although they’ll be 6 and 3 in just a few months!) and let me tell you, the Energizer bunny ain’t got nothin’ on them.  To my sister and all the other parents out there with young kids:  I commend you for not falling asleep before they do.  And also for not falling asleep while you’re still rocking them.  Although I’m pretty sure my mom did this once and dropped me on the ground when I was a baby.  Explains a lot, doesn’t it??

Lunch today was a salad from the salad bar at the grocery store.  It included lettuce, spinach, baby corn (I ❤ baby corn), broccoli, carrots, cabbage mix, cheddar cheese and some dried cranberries.  I ran home for some of this:

Trader Joe’s, I appreciate you for many reasons.  For one thing, your prices are always reasonable.  But what makes me love you even more (gasp!) is the multitude of products that you offer that are free of nasty artificial ingredients.  My body thanks you.  Check it out:

Not bad, huh?  I also snacked on a Glenny’s Fruit & Nut bar at my desk.  I also pick these up at Trader Joe’s.

And they’re the perfect size for an afternoon snack.  At 99 ¢ a pop (at TJ’s, anyway), I highly recommend that you pick some up.  Now, if possible.

After the adventures in what was babysitting, we discovered that the chicken that had been defrosted was not in fact defrosted.   So dinner was somewhat thwarted.  Never fear, chickpeas are here!

I rinsed and roasted a whole can of chickpeas with a little salt, pepper and garlic powder and a spritz or two of cooking spray at 425 for about 30 minutes.  So. freakin’. good.  I ate them alongside the remainder of my lunch-time salad bar salad.

Check out that cucumber “slice”!  Maybe I’m too picky about my cukes, but it seems to me the salad-bar prepper was chopping his vegetables and got to the cucumbers and said to himself, “Eh, my arm’s tired.  I’m gonna go take a nap by the rotisserie chicken.”  Perhaps the picture doesn’t do it justice, but this piece of cucumber took me THREE whole bites to get through!  I tell ya…

On that note, I’m going to finish my chickpeas and crawl in bed.  I’ll probably dream of perfectly diced vegetables… 🙂