Go, Cubs, Go

This morning is all about go, go, go.

I am officially “on vacation”.  Granted, this “vacation” is more about moving all my junk to my apartment from the suburbs and then unpacking it all than relaxing, but it’s vacation nonetheless.

Regardless, I woke up at a pretty early hour to squeeze a run in.  I did about 4 miles in 40 minutes (give or take).  I’m recovering from some wicked shin splints and have to take it kind of slow, especially at the beginning of the run.  The weather is gorgeous and I paced myself well, so it felt like a pretty good run.

I am now ingesting this:

I have to say, after I made the big switcheroo to Greek yogurt a while back plain old yogurt just doesn’t cut it taste-wise.  It’s good to switch between Greek and regular yogurt because the regular variety has more calcium (usually about 10% more) while Greek yogurt has  a ton of protein (my Chobani from yesterday had 10 more grams of protein than this Dannon does), but the taste and texture of Greek yogurt is so far superior.  Sigh.  Why does it have to be so pricey?

I’m also eating this:

Yes, that’s a paper towel serving as a plate for my  fruit.  What of it?  Sometimes that’s how I roll, kids.  It’s moving day tomorrow.

Short post today- I’m off to continue packing for a few hours, then to shower my sweaty self off before I head into the city for the Cubs game.  I pick up the U-Haul at 7 am!

Seeeee ya!