Wings, things and automobiles

There are few things in my life that fro yo cannot improve.

Stress?  Doesn’t bother me!  I’ve got fro yo!  I returned home tonight to a cup of chocolate vanilla swirl from Love’s courtesy of my parents.  And yes, those are mini gummy bears on top.

It was just that kind of day.

I managed to stick the fro yo in the freezer to hang out long enough to eat some more appropriate dinner fare.

Grilled chicken wings, protein pasta with a sprinkle of cheese and celery sticks.  Though tasty, dinners this week are a little bit lacking in the creativity department for the following reasons:

a) I refuse to go shopping mere days before I move.  I hate moving food.  It pains me to stay away from the grocery store, and I know that my lover (Trader Joe) is experiencing DT’s from Megan withdrawal, but not to worry- I’ll be back promptly after I settle in.  In fact, I’ve already mapped out the distance between my new apartment and the nearest TJ’s: 1.24 miles.  Don’t judge me, I love the Joe’s.

b) This is one of the rare moments in my life when I lack the necessary time and energy to prepare thoughtful meals.  If you call my parents, they will assure you that I have made them countless thoughtful meals over the past few months.  I’m temporarily on a break from my Le Creuset dutch oven and immersion blender, and I’m not gonna lie- it’s a welcome relief this week! 🙂

That being said, dinner actually tasted pretty dang good.

Tommy want wingie.
Necessary roughage. Sorry...TMI?
Cheesy protein pasta glory.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day of running errands, packing, prepping and Cubs gaming (they break my heart, but I love them like the psychologically damaging boyfriend I never had).  Any other Cubs fans out there that want to have a good cry over an Old Style with me??