New shoes!

I took the day off of work and am really glad that I did- I’ve gotten a ton of things done!

I started out my day by hanging some of my art on the walls.  For some reason I’m always really good about unpacking my stuff when I move into a new place but get stuck when I start trying to decorate.  Maybe I’m afraid of the commitment- I pains me to put nails through the wall.  It’s weird, I’m aware.  Moving on.

I then headed out for a sweaty run.  I tried to get myself out the door early enough so that I’d miss the heat but that was  a big fail- I didn’t leave until it was almost 9!  I still managed to run about 5 1/4 miles in about 50 minutes.  I’ll take it.

I ate some of this to refuel:

And then I realized that I was being incredibly lazy so I picked up a knife and turned that watermelon into this:

Muuuch more civilized.  I also ate one of these:

Because no matter how old I get, string cheese never ceases to entertain me.  I like to see how many perfect “strands” of cheese I can get out of the stick (for the record, a “perfect” strand is one that doesn’t taper off toward the end but stays nice and even from top to bottom).  Does anyone else do this?  Am I alone?  Should I stop talking about string cheese??

I then went for a professional running shoe fitting at Fleet Feet.  I love this store!  When you walk in, you pull a number (“like a deli”, as I overheard an employee say to a customer who looked somewhat befuddled) and when it’s your turn, one of the associates sits down with you and discusses what kind of runner you are (recreational, triathlete, marathoner) and pulls a “test shoe” for you to try on.  Then they put you on a treadmill and watch you run for a few seconds to check out your gait and whether you pronate/supinate, etc.  Once they have sussed out your style they pull a bunch of shoes and you can run/walk some more and choose your favorite!  They also fitted me with some inserts for my flattt feet.  And the best part is that the fitting is free!  This is the pair I walked away with:

Saucony Progrid Guide 3.  They’re fairly lightweight and flexible, but sturdy enough to give me some stability.  I heart them.

After running a few errands, I ate this:

There was actually a whole piece of bread when I started.  That’s sesame Ezekial bread with Trader Joe’s Valencia peanut butter (Kath is a fan).

This plate cracks me up.  It’s my French “calorie plate”.  It lists a whole bunch of foods and how many calories they contain.  It also says at the top (I’m translating here, bear with me): “when you’ve had too much to eat, your collar will be tight”.  Umm, apparently the author of my plate is under the impression that our stomachs are in our necks.  Someone should really set the record straight for him.  Maybe he reads my blog, so…

Dear Sir,

Your stomach is not in your neck.  It is significantly farther down.

Yours truly,


There’s a slight chance that I’ve translated this wrong, but I’m pretty confident (given that I majored in French).

It also says this:

(Pardon my crumbs).

That top part in the small type says (roughly translated):  “for a weight loss plan: no more than 1000 calories per day.  400 in the morning, 300 in the afternoon, 300 in the evening”.  Yeeeeaahhh, about that…

Maybe at the time this plate was printed there were different measurements for calories, but 1000 calories/day sounds like Bad News Bears to me.

Ah well, I’m off to do some more errands before Old St. Pat’s– one of my all-time favorite street festivals!  I can’t wait to see the Barenaked Ladies perform (yes, Dad, it’s a hilarious name for a band…very punny).

What is your least favorite part about unpacking?  Do you get stuck on decorating like I do?

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