I Dream of Eating

Today was a long day.  Tomorrow is going to be even longer.  This week is one of the busiest weeks of the year for me at work and just to take my stress to another level, I’m only in the office for three days!  Cripes!

In order to allay some of my stress, I give you this:

My favorite things to daydream about…

Owning real estate on Cape Cod:

Specifically that cottage.  Ok, so it’s actually owned by a hotel but maybe they’ll let me stay there someday. 🙂

Chocolate cakes made to look like trains with Oreo wheels:

Or really a chocolate cake made to look like any shape.  Or just chocolate cake that looks like chocolate cake.  Let’s be honest, sometimes a spoonful of frosting straight from the can does it for me.  I’m low-maintenance like that.

Summer sports from my childhood:

Yes, in case you were wondering, Slip ‘n Slide does count as a sport.  Unless you’re my 3 year old nephew, Ian, and you lay down on the mat and let your Papa (my dad) push you by the butt.  Then it’s just a sweet set up.

Kettle chips:

I think the reasons here are self evident.

And lastly…

Awesome Thai take-out:

Cucumber salad.  There were HOT peppers in this and it made me happy.

Baby egg rolls, veggies, tofu pad thai.

Peanut curry beef, rice and sesame chicken.

Here’s my petite portion:

I must not have been hungry at all. 🙂

I rarely don’t have the energy or desire to cook dinner from scratch (I’m a freak like that) but tonight was one of those nights.  Thank you, Lemongrass, for giving me something spicy and delicious to daydream about!

What’s your go-to when you’re stressed and don’t want to cook?

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  1. Man that would be a dream to own a place at Cape Cod! Or any place on the beach for that matter!!

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