Back on the Wagon

I’d like to flatter myself and say that I’m sure you all missed me while I was away, but I’m not going to get a big head here. 🙂

In truth, I had a great time in Seattle (the wedding was really fun!) and got back yesterday morning, but I was too tired to put a post up last night.  I blame the children that screamed the entire time on my red eye back to Chicago.  I apologize for being away, but as Susan would say, I was out living my life so that I could come back with some great experiences to talk about!

On Saturday before the wedding, the guys went paintballing (I know- what??) so my friend Sarah and I went hiking!  We drove out to Ebey’s Landing for a quick hike and beautful views after our thwarted attempt to find something to pick. On the drive onto the island (the wedding was on Whidbey Island- north of Seattle) Sarah and I spotted some signs for raspberry/blackberry/strawberry picking and we wanted in.  Unfortunately, this was the only blackberry bush we could find:

Not exactly pick-worthy.   We DID stop at a lavender farm that had advertised a labyrinth (which made me think of Harry Potter so I of course needed to check it out).  While the labyrinth was kind of a bust, it was gorgeous!

While those pretty pictures are all well and good, the very best part about the random lavender farm was: ICE CREAM!

Chocolate-orange-lavender ice cream, to be exact.  It was ridiculous.  I almost crashed the car when Sarah broke into it and gave me a bite.  Ok, I have to stop talking about it because I really want another one and I might do something rash.

The wedding was lots of fun and the food was great!

This bread basket was insane.  First of all, it was bottomless.  Second, there was cheese in most of the varieties.  I was eating so many of the mini rolls that the server started putting them directly onto my plate when she was refilling it.  I’d pretend to be embarrassed by this, but you’d all know I was lying so why waste my energy?

The hors d’oeuvres were also really good.  My favorite was a citrus watermelon bite.

Dinner was served family style.  Here’s my plate:

And the cake was so cool and unique!

The setting could not have been prettier (and no one seemed to be too put off by the rain!)

This was all followed by drinks and dancing.  I certainly enjoyed myself!

Needless to say, I was definitely due to get back on my healthy wagon today.  I made a massive trip to Trader Joes yesterday and cooked up a great meal for dinner.  Turkey meatballs (with spinach, sundried tomatoes, parmesan and some other schtuff) alongside Jessica’s parmesan zucchini and brown rice pasta.

The zucchini weren’t very photogenic but they were very delicious and old school!  I’m so excited to have leftovers to pack in my lunch!!  (it’s the little things, everyone.  Yes, I really like leftovers and no, it doesn’t take much to make me excited about food.)

Speaking of leftovers, stay tuned for an upcoming post I’ve got in the works about making your groceries work for you.  Brace yourselves, it’s gonna be a good one.

HLS in three days! Woot woot!

Do you have any good wedding adventure stories?  Is everyone in your life and their dog getting married this summer??

6 thoughts on “Back on the Wagon

  1. You know, I have yet to be invited to a wedding! A lot of my acquaintances are getting married, but so far none of my close friends. All my best girl friends are still single! We’re still a little young to be getting married too (24), I suspect things may pick up on the wedding scene within the next few years 😉

    Dude. I’ll see you in two days 😀

  2. That lavender field is gorgeous. I’d love to try the ice cream!

    No weddings for me this summer. Friends are already planning for next summer, though!

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