Cheeze Head

Healthy Living Summit is allllmost here!

Tonight I headed down to Pilsen (on the south side of Chicago- I know, Mom, it’s scary.  I brought my billy club with me so I was safe, don’t worry.) for a pre-summit blogger meet up at the Chicago Urban Art Society for the YumUniverse launch party.

The space was really interesting with dirt and sprouts serving as the art installations.  There was no A/C in the building so it got pretty hot and schwetty, but it was still fun.

They offered samples of organic, vegan dishes with an emphasis on the environment.  I’m definitely anything but vegan, but hey, I can roll with it for an evening!

The strawberry fruit leather was really good- tasted just like a fruit roll-up from my youth!

Even though they kind of looked like wrapped prosciutto…

Either way- I like either!  (it’s important to know what you’re getting into there, though.  Anticipating strawberry and tasting prosciutto can’t be pleasant.)

I also had a baby shot of elderflower vodka.

Elderflower anything is really, really sweet, but this vodka was fairly light.  It could be good mixed with soda water…hmm, that sounds like a cocktail I’m going to need to make. 😉

It was so great to meet some bloggers before the conference officially begins (including Kath, Tina, Meghann, Diana and more!)  Can’t wait to spend the weekend with you, ladies. 🙂

While this was a great event and lots of fun, I have a confession to make.  I had to come home and eat some real cheese.  The cashew cheese just wasn’t cuttin’ it. 😉

Off to bed…work in the morning and then HLS cocktail party!

What am I going to wear to the cocktail party tomorrow?? Eek!!

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