I Can’t Control It and I Don’t Care

I got a great surprise today.

No, I didn’t find money in the street.

No, I didn’t find out that my beloved Will & Grace is going back on the air.


Although I really wish it was.

So what was this surprise, you ask?

My boyf’ bought me a flight to LA for my birthday!


I’m so excited!  Not only do I get to have a quick, spontaneous vacation, but I get to see my long lost pal, Colleen! (Hi, Colleen!  I miss your face!)

Anyway, I was too excited to cook a real dinner (nervous energy sometimes works against my culinary ambitions.  Don’t ask me why.) so we decided to use up one of my favorite T. Joe’s frozen entrees: Mandarin Orange Chicken.

Nope, it’s not one of their healthiest options (the chicken is fried) but it’s so good I don’t care.  I’ll eat fried chicken if I want to and I’ll LIKE it!

I was in charge of picking up a veggie to balance out the meal.  Since I took the train to work today, I stopped at the Chicago French Market.

I love me a good French market.  I really love a French market in, well, France, but I’ll take one in Chicago.  The great thing about this place (besides its convenience to my commuter train- it’s literally inside the train station.) is that the vendors are locally and independently owned, offer a great selection of organic produce and (as some of the girls that ventured here during HLS learned) have some really interesting food selections!

I was on a mission to find broccoli.  To my credit, I did buy broccoli.

I also may have picked up a few other things…

Coconut water, couscous salad, pita chips, roasted garlic hummus and…broccoli.  At least I didn’t fail on my mission!  I could argue that I need the rest of my loot, but I’m not going to drag you down that road.

I clearly can’t control myself in that market.  And if my lack of control is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Plus, my purchases rounded out the meal nicely.

I roasted the broccoli (shocking, I know.  Try to contain yourself.) with some Tony Cachere (say! It really is great on everything!) and dumped out a little couscous onto our plates.  It was a highly technical culinary process, believe me.

And the pricey coconut water?  Well, I’m treating myself.  Because this weekend is…

My birthday!! Woot, woot!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go put my party hat on.

What are your grocery store weaknesses?  Am I the only one who’s like a kid in a candy shop around produce?

8 thoughts on “I Can’t Control It and I Don’t Care

  1. thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my post and leave your thoughts! i hope you’ll come back for my “second wave” of thoughts i just posted, and feel free to chime in again!

    ps – happy birthday! mine’s sunday – how exciting, right!?

  2. My grocery store weakness is definitely the fresh produce. I often find myself struggling to get through all my finds before they go bad. And cereal. Because, well, it’s awesome.

    Nice birthday gift from the bf! That’s just awesome! I hope you have a great birthday! 🙂

  3. You have an AWESOME bf!!! I am obsessive about fruit! I loveee them. I will buy boxes of cherries. And promptly eat all of them :)!

  4. No I absolutely go crazy in the grocery store! Looking at produce and new foods I’ve never tried is so much fun! I went to Earth Fare today and spent forever checking out new organic foods!

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