Sunday Dinner: The Remix

I love a good remix.  Almost as much as R. Kelly does.


But not quite as much.  He really likes remixes.

In honor of this love, I decided to do a lil’ remix of my Sunday night dinner- not just one night, but (get this) two nights in a row!  As I mentioned yesterday, I had a lot of leftover filling from when I made vegetarian Mexican stuffed peppers on Sunday (the recipe is on yesterday’s post.  I’ll put it on a recipe page in the near future.  No, seriously, I will!  Why are you laughing??).

So, I made a pretty rockin’ Nacho Average Veggie Burger last night out of some of my leftovers.  It was, in the words of my fellow blogger Fitnessista, face rocking.  Let me tell you.  I could’ve easily eaten 16 or 17 of these bad boys, but I didn’t.  And I’m glad.

Because otherwise there would have been no remix to the remix.

I was pretty jazzed about the idea I had thought up at work today.  It was whispering sweet nothings into my brain all afternoon.

(Drumroll, please.  Or, in honor of R. Kelly, pump the beat fo’ me.)

Holy Frijole Arancini!

I actually don’t think these could have been any easier to make.  Arancini is basically just a fancy (and by fancy, I mean Italian) word for fried (or baked) breaded rice balls.  The filling for my peppers was rice and bean based and the idea of forming balls out of it seemed only natural.  I enjoy foods in ball form.  Meatballs, cheese balls, popcorn balls, gumballs…I could go on.

All I did was put some breadcrumbs, chopped cilantro, a pinch of salt and about 4 finely crushed tortilla chips in a shallow bowl, then I formed 1 inch balls out of the rice/bean mixture and rolled them in the breadcrumb mix.  I put a little oil in a skillet and fried my balls (**hehe, the immature school girl in me is blushing**) for a few minutes on each side until golden over medium heat.  Once they had a good suntan, I stuck them in a 400° oven for about 10 minutes to firm up.

I also made a quick dipping sauce of equal parts mayo and sour cream with some chopped jalapeno and cilantro thrown in, plus a few dashes of Cajun seasoning.

Arancini are generally made with leftover risotto (because risotto is super creamy and starchy and sticks together well), but I think the combo of mashed beans and cheese in these made them gooey and sticky enough for these to work.

**Braisified Tip**

When making any kind of arancini, using rice that’s leftover is really important.  It needs to be chilled (not just cooled), preferably overnight, in order to form quality balls.

I added to my meal’s veggie quota by roasting some brussels sprouts (yes, I had them last night, too.  What can I say?  When I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll.  Double remix!).

Classic.  All of you out there who don’t think you like brussels sprouts, raise your hand (don’t worry, there’s no shame here).  How many of you have never tried roasted brussels?  What’s that?  ALL of you?

I highly suggest trying brussels sprouts roasted.  (I threw these in a 400° oven for about 30 minutes, flipping them once)  It changes the flavor, I swear.  They get nuttier and not bitter.  Do it, you’ll thank me.

Remix reloaded: success.

Are you good at using leftovers up?  Honestly, I’m usually horrible at it, but this whole “don’t spend money in August thing” is giving me new motivation.  Any creative leftover ideas out there?

7 thoughts on “Sunday Dinner: The Remix

  1. A lot of times I make dinner with the plan of eating leftovers for lunch! Leftovers are ammmazing

  2. I’m usually not one to eat leftovers. If I need a quick meal I’ll usually just make a sandwich instead of eating leftovers. They’re just never as good the next day, and also I don’t usually like eating the same thing for dinner two nights in a row.

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