Birthday Weekend: The Beginning

Well, my Cubs didn’t win.  They almost did, but blew it in the 9th.  My soul is still aching.

But it was still a fun game.  Especially since the boyf’ surprised me by inviting my friend Vassaly to the game with us (he told me he had sold the extra ticket to someone on Craigslist- he’s a sneaky one!)

We had a great time, and (as promised) there was a hot dog involved.

A girl and her Vienna beef: A love story.

I was really excited about it.  Hot dogs just taste better at a ballpark, mmmk? 🙂

This kid had the best t-shirt ever.


And we discovered a giant sculpture of a macaroni noodle outside Wrigley.

Your guess is as good as mine.

We met up with more friends at a few bars after the game- it was a fun night!

Super excited about dinner tonight…Vassaly kind of blew the surprise by telling me where the boyfriend is taking me, but that’s alright- I have more time to get excited for the restaurant (it’s a new one for me!).

Happy (pre-Megan’s birthday) Saturday!!

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