Birthday Weekend: Holla Back

I would like to preface this post by saying that I’m watching Inglourious Basterds and am highly disturbed.  Eeesh, I thought I had enough scalpings after I read Blood Meridian.  Apparently not.

On to lighter topics: TOTAL WEEKEND RECAP!  (Ok, maybe I’m still a little jacked up from the movie)

The boyf’ took me to an amazing dinner on Saturday.  Did you guess where he took me?

Chicago Chophouse!  It was amazing- one of the best steaks I’ve had.  I ordered a filet mignon Oscar style (with lump crab cake, bernaise and asparagus spears).  Clearly, I wanted something light.

With some au gratin potatoes and a glass of Sangiovese on the side.

It was a great meal.  I highly recommend ordering a steak Oscar style at some point in your life.  Maybe even twice.

There was also a stop here this weekend:

It was in Cicero.  If you live in Chicago, you know that this was very out of the way for a…shall we say, snack.

Ohh, but it was a good snack.  A good birthday snack, I should say.

And, as some of you guessed, I went to Carnivale with my family and boyfriend on Sunday.

Carnivale is a nuevo latino restaurant with an emphasis on local and ethically raised food.  Plus it’s pretty!!

I had beef again.  Who’s surprised?  These were shortribs with mashed potatoes.  I actually cut a piece off for my dad with a spoon- like buttah.

It was a great weekend and now I’m ready for some salad.


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    I have a cool giveaway coming up this week- stay tuned!!
    Have you had any memorable birthday meals?  Do you have a tradition on your birthday or do you like trying new things?

    3 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend: Holla Back

    1. That’s an 11/10 weekend of birthday bites. While I don’t have a particular birthday “tradition,” I would say that I like my birthday meals to be comprised of delicious real-food, and preferably something I’m not able to make (or easily make) on my own.

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