That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Did you guess what the mystery foods were?

In case you didn’t (or were too lazy to click on the links) they are, in order of how they appeared: durian, ramps, ugli fruit, rocky mountain oysters (eww!) and sea urchin.  Ever heard of those?

I’m  not gonna lie- I’ve tried sea urchin, which is also known as “uni” in Japanese restaurants and is often served as nigiri, and it’s Nasty.  Capital “n” intentional.

**For the record, I’m still doing well on mission “one grocery trip per week”.  I haven’t had to shop for myself again- it’s been peanut butter toast and leftovers for me, besides the meals out this weekend that I had budgeted for.  Don’t want anyone to think I’m slacking.  S. S. Cheap Grocery Shopper will stay her course!**

While it’s really fun to try new things, sometimes you just need a good, reliable standby.  Like tonight.  After all, it’s Monday.  I didn’t want to over-exert myself.

I went out to O’Briens for dinner and a glass of wine tonight.  I love that place.  They’ve got an awesome patio and the food is always consistent.  Since I was feeling decidedly unadventurous, I went with my old faithful: a grilled buffalo chicken sandwich.

What’s that surrounding my buffalo chicken, you ask?  Why, that would be a pretzel roll.  I sincerely believe from the depths of my core that any sandwich is 10x better when it’s placed on a pretzel roll.

We also decided on a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to share and some of these bad boys:

On the menu they’re called “bean fries“.  In my mouth they’re called “please someone hand me another plate of those”.  The menu name is actually a bit misleading.  They’re actually green beans that are tempura battered and fried.  No, they’re not the healthiest appetizer on the menu but they at least have a vegetable in them and it’s all about balance.

And sometimes Mondays just mean that you need a good side of bean fries.

And old friends!!!

My friend Joanne was in town from New York tonight.  She’s one of my close pals from high school and unfortunately, we don’t keep up as often as either of us would like.  It was so great to see her!

And being the good theatre nerds that we are, we never pass up a good photo op.

Total nerds.

And that’s what makes us cool.

A good night of comfort food and reconnecting with old friends…that’s what gives me that warm fuzzy feeling.

Even when it’s 90° outside.

What are your comfort foods?  Do you have any friends that make you feel right at home- even when you haven’t seen them for years?

4 thoughts on “That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

  1. I think the best friends are the ones that you can just fall right back into conversation with as if time hasn’t past!

  2. Pretzel rolls should be illegal. They’re that good. mmm….

    My friend Ashlee is like that. It may be a year or two that goes by before we see each other, but every time we just chat nonstop. Literally.

    Oh and I didn’t want to go without mentioning… cute shoes!

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