It’s Not Over ‘Til the…

…fat lady finishes her cake.

Now, I think we all know how I’m not ready for summer to end.  I am like a child.  I start pouting and tend to stamp my foot when I think about having to put away my sundresses and not being able to wear bermuda shorts to work anymore.

Good thing my nephew’s birthday was today!

There’s something about a child’s birthday that makes me want to celebrate.  And celebrating makes me think of summer.

This is undoubtedly due to the fact that my own birthday is during the summer and I love celebrating my own birthday.  Self centered?  Yes.  I can’t help it.  I make up for it by giving good gifts on other people’s birthdays.

I got my nephew a Leapster and I’m pretty sure I saw his eyes bug out of his head when he opened it.

Although he refused to wear the birthday crown.  Maybe it’s not his color.

As per his request, we got pizza for dinner and then went back for some cake.  Don’t you wish you were still 6 and that’s all you wanted for your birthday? I was happy to oblige.  After all, he claimed that “Mommy makes the BEST cake in the world.”  I mean, you don’t say no to that.

So, while it may technically be September 1st, I’m not giving up on summer just yet.

There are plenty of celebrations yet to be had.

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What’s your favorite way to make the summer last?  Or are you a total weirdo and have no problem ushering summer out?

3 thoughts on “It’s Not Over ‘Til the…

  1. as long as it’s not RAINING, we grill. we will grill into October and try desperately to hang on to summer. 🙂 Last year my basil plant lasted way into October… the rest of my garden was gone.

    I always anticipate fall, and all the great things that come along with that (my birthday is a celebration, football and tailgating, scarves and boots!) but I miss the BBQ parties, having to close our pool (boo!) and dark coming early.

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