Are We Packed Yet?

Well, it’s come to that time.

I have to pack.

This was my luggage situation after HLS.  Yes, everyone, this was the massive amount of schtuff I lugged around town during the conference- and I didn’t even have to stay at a hotel.  I slept at home.

I have packing issues.

That being said, I’ll make this post a short one.

Game plan for my trip to LA this weekend:

Drink lots of this:

Water. I hear it does a body good.  Or is that milk? Plus, someone told me it gets hot in LA.  Wouldn’t want to get dehydrated, now would I?

Carrots. I’m also amenable to other forms of vegetable.

I wouldn’t want to over-do it on the carrots and turn orange.  All of the Los Angelites (Angelans?) would think I was over-spray tanned and automatically assume that I’m from out of town.  I mean, I am from out of town, but I wouldn’t want to be unfairly judged.   And all from enjoying my carrots too much.

I had this for dinner:

That’s a 1 whole egg+2 egg white scramble with chopped sundried tomatoes, basil pesto and a little cheese stuffed inside a TJ’s whole wheat pita.

A good meal to send me on my way.  Lots of protein.  And when you’re going to LA, this is a good thing.  Why, you ask?

Lots of protein = pumped up muscles = “we just want to pump you up” = Hanz+Franz sound like Arnold = maybe I’ll finally meet the Terminator!

You’re with me, right?

It’s shaping up to be a good trip.

In honor of my impending vacation (and because I said I would), here’s the winner (chosen at random using the random integer generator) of the Eat Smart kitchen scale giveaway:

Hillary!! she said:

“This week it has been so hard to get up with the weather, especially today and tomorrow is going to be the same. Rain makes it so nice to sleep. I live out in the burbs of chicago.
When it comes to staying on track or getting focused I schedule everything and I mean everything. I color code my schedule(little ocd goin on). When it comes to food I just remeber not to punish myself and just plan out meals a week at a time.”

Congrats, Hillary!  Email me your shipping info and we’ll send you your scale!

I’m hoping to be able to blog while I’m away, so check back in!

Anyone reading from LA have any sights to see or places to eat while I’m there?  If you tell me, I might just go and I’ll give you credit!

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  1. If you find yourself in Pasadena you HAVE to eat breakfast at Dish. It is the best breakfast I have ever had.

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