Adventures in La La Land

I made it to LA!!

You know you have a good friend when you’re greeted with a chilled glass of one of your favorites upon your arrival.

Oh, Kim.  You’re a true lady.

Colleen and I were joined by our friend, Jules, for some sushi at little neighborhood joint last night. 

We’re in California, what else were we going to do?

We shared a few rolls and some sashimi.  It was very good and especially since it’s hot out so we were craving something light and un-burgery.  I don’t know if you heard, but it gets pretty warm in southern California.  Plus, Colleen claims that she goes to this sushi place every Friday and I didn’t want to disappoint the staff by not showing up.

Something I learned about California yesterday:

All CA restaurants are graded by the Health Department (A is the best, all the way down to D- I’m assuming if you get a F you’re closed.  At least I hope so) and are required to post their grade.  Colleen informs me that one should only eat at restaurants with an A grade.  I like this system!  Makes me feel good, especially when I’m eating raw fish.

We’re heading out to explore!  Happy Saturday!

9 thoughts on “Adventures in La La Land

  1. Yummm!! Looks like you got your sushi fix 🙂 Those sushi rolls look delicious!! Especially the second one with I guess tuna on top?? Gosh my mouth is watering now

  2. I love the letter grade system. I grew up in San Diego where they used it. Unfortunately, where I live now (Orange County-between LA and San Diego) they don’t use the ABC system so it isn’t as clear. I think they’re supposed to be transitioning to it, though. Your friend is right, only eat at places that display an A. Bs mean they had a few infractions and are will be re-evaluated soon. Run away from the Cs! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ds of Fs. I think a place gets shut down if they are have a C for too long.

  3. there’s a saying about the asian restaurants in LA – you wanna go for B or below for the authentic stuff b/c A is for “american!” i’ve eaten at a lot of B thai places and have been okay….

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