Sometimes being humble is the right thing to do.

Sometimes, however, it’s wise to make sure everyone around you knows exactly what you’re all about.

It’s a good thing that I talk about my love of food and healthy living a lot, because Colleen really showed me some awesome LA-style food!

Look!  It’s people walking!  In LA! (over a Hollywood star, of course)

Being the good Chicagoan that I am, I made sure that I at least got a little exercise while I was there.  Colleen took me to Griffith Park to do a little hiking.  It was really pretty with the vistas of the valleys and foothills in the distance, but man, it was steep!

There were multiple servings of breakfast sandwiches at little cafés and sushi at a BYOB spot (ergo, there was wine).  There was also some of this:

Yes, that’s good old fashioned barbeque!

The two of us went to a wine tasting at a great wine shop in Colleen’s neighborhood called Silverlake Wine.  The staff was awesome- very knowledgeable and friendly and made the event really low-key.  The theme was “BBQ and BBQ wines”.  We tried five different wines alongside beans, potato salad, chicken, ribs and brisket.  Both the wine and food was awesome!

This Sur de los Andes Bonarda was my favorite of the day.  It’s characteristic of South America and is very grapey with an acidic finish.

…Nope, I didn’t come up with that on my own.

That’s what they told us.  This was also the least expensive wine of the day (a reasonable $15).  What can I say?  I have simple tastes.

Colleen also made sure that I didn’t miss out on organic, vegan food while I was in LA.  After all, when in Rome!..err, LA.

RFD stands for Real Food Daily and it was great!

BLT tartine.  The “bacon” was made of tempeh (with liquid smoke added, I’m assuming), with fresh tomatoes and some slices of avocado.  But of course.

I tried a piece of that and had a Mexicali Chop Salad as my entrée.

With more avocado.  Are we sensing a trend?  But look how pretty and green it is!  How could I say no?

Now, I’m not hatin’ on the whole vegan thing but I fully believe in balancing good, raw food with a hunk of meat.

Colleen took me to get my very first In-N-Out burger! Oh man, I was so excited for this one.

I hate it when things (well, by “things” I mean food) are over-hyped and don’t deliver.  But this burger definitely delivered.   I mean look at it!

Although, I think quite possibly the best food I got while I was in LA was:

Pinkberry. We have fro yo shops in Chicago, but not Pinkberry and I’d been looking forward to trying it.

I wish that the ingredient list was a little shorter (they use some artificial flavorings, etc) but it was so good that I’m willing to overlook it this time.

LA was definitely full of good eats, but more importantly, good friends. Thanks for being a great host, Colleen!

And Lynn, we’ll catch up next time! 🙂

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  1. The combo of good eats and good friends, I mean who could go wrong! Probably the best combination ever!!

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