Love Me Some Food Bloggin’

Thank you for not judging me when I all I want to have for dinner is a plate of these:

Or when I’ve blatantly left the refrigerator door open behind me.  Oops.

Thank you for dealing with my rants when I can’t handle the idea of this:

It’s officially autumn, I know.  I’m dealing with it.  I’m guessing that apple cider will help the situation.

Thank you for checking back in, even when I take a day or two off to do some of this:

Or a little of this:

(FYI, I was at the beach drinking that Corona and it was worth every minute.)

It means a lot to have an amazing community of bloggers and readers that are kind of just- cool.

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that we, as food and healthy living bloggers, have a little corner of the interweb that’s relatively free of nay-sayers.  Sure, occasionally someone will leave a nasty comment and we bloggers sometimes have very different opinions’, but we have a lot of support out here.

I was reminded of this today when I ran across this article.  I didn’t take issue with the article itself.  Granted, it’s not the most thorough or satisfying article I’ve ever read, but scroll down to the comment section.

Go ahead, click over to the article.  I’ll be here.

[insert hold music here]

I was astonished by the overwhelming negativity of those comments.  Not just against the author but about the subject! Now I’m no Polyanna, but come on!  That’s just cruel.  I guess there’s a certain level of anonymity in commenting on websites and that makes people more honest- but why does it also make them more aggressive and hostile?

So I just wanted to thank all of you reading for supporting my little site with nice words and for not judging me when my dinner looks like poop.

Because it tasted really good. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Love Me Some Food Bloggin’

  1. You’re right- there is the negative comment here or there (stupid haters), but for the most part, I’ve found a group of really supportive and genuine people.

    Also, I really am glad you went for more than just carrots for dinner. Because if you had that gin and tonic, I’d think you’d need a little more in the stomach than that. Unless you plan on getting carryout Irish nachos at some point…

  2. Hehe. I leave my fridge door open like that quite often. It’s a terrible habit, I know.

    I’m lucky that I’ve never gotten any negative comments, but I’ve seen some out there and I’m not sure what I’d do if it were directed at me.

  3. I do think that the healthy blogging community is very positive. I’m fortunate that I’ve never gotten any mean comments, but that might be because not a lot of people read my blog!

  4. I’m not excited about Autumn either. Apple cider is tasty though.

    I totally agree, we’re so lucky to have such an uplifting community – it’s quite rare to find such positivity on the interwebs.

  5. It’s so true that food bloggers are one of the best, most supportive groups of people out there. Although I don’t always agree with everything people say, I give them their due for having the courage to put it out there.

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