One Ingredient, Three Ways

I’m a woman, ergo I enjoy multi-tasking.

I put on makeup while I talk on the phone.

I get my news, via the radio, while I commute.

I blog while I…read other blogs.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that women are born multi-taskers.  [disclaimer: you should know that what I consider “scientific fact” is often rooted in cold hard evidence such as “I heard it on the radio a couple weeks ago”.]

As one of said born multi-taskers, I expect a lot from my food.

Rarely do I buy a grocery item with only one purpose in mind.  Take this black bean dip, for example:

This baby can multi-task.  Clearly it’s a female dip.  Ew, that sounds kind of pervy.  Forget I said that.

I’ve eaten a bunch of it with chips and veggies.  It’s got a lot of kick (they weren’t kidding with the spicy part), so naturally I’m addicted to it.

It’s also great as an accompaniment to a main course like this sausage/onion/potato/cilantro stirfry that I recently wrote about.  I threw a blob of it on my plate and stirred it in.

Sometimes I love making sauces.  Sometimes, not so much.  This is a great alternative when I’m feeling especially lazy.

The dip would also be great incorporated into a dish that already calls for black beans.  For example, I’m currently toying around with a great black bean quesadilla I have stashed away in my recipe bank.  A little bit of this dip would add a ton of flavor to the whole quesadilla.  Or enchilada.

It could also be awesome melted into soup.  I mean, who doesn’t love a dollop of sour cream or crème fraiche on their butternut squash soup?  Black bean dip would be equally amazing in vegetable soup.

At about $3 a jar, I’d say this was a good investment.

Yes I consider something as little as $3 an investment.

Don’t judge.  I’m very frugal.

I’m thinking of doing a series of posts like this. — are there any grocery store items that you’d like to see me stretch into different uses?  Suggestions welcome!

10 thoughts on “One Ingredient, Three Ways

  1. My mom used to make these amazing bean burritos all the time when we were growing up, I’ll bet this dip would be perfect for those!

  2. I’m definitely a multi-tasker and love to get multiple uses out of my food. Sounds like a great series!

  3. I LOVE your concept of what a scientific fact is – that’s definitely mine as well.

    Confession: I also blog while reading other blogs.

  4. hehe, what would life be without multi-tasking? That looks delicious. I’m just starting to experiment using canned pumpkin for different uses – bread, brownies, oatmeal, quinoa – there seem to be many possibilities!

  5. I couldn’t imagine life without multitasking! I pretty much feel a need to be doing 10 things at once to feel productive.
    I like using cottage cheese on a variety of things: lasagna, oatmeal, even salad!

  6. I LOVE that spicy black bean dip from Trader Joe’s! It’s almost tangy in a way. On Weight Watchers it has 0 points as well, which is always exciting.

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