The Perfect Salad

Rabbit food.

Let’s be honest- how many of us (I’m speaking to my girls out there) have ordered a salad on a first date because we want to seem dainty and don’t want to ruin the romance by having onion breath and greasy fingers from our bacon cheeseburger?

I have.

The ironic thing is that I am really unattractive when I eat a salad.  The lettuce never seems to stay on my fork, I end up slapping myself in the cheek with the frisee and it takes me about 90 minutes to finish one.

I apologize to those gentlemen callers of yesteryear who were forced to watch me eat these salads.  Perhaps that’s why they all went running for the hills.

Although, I think the first food I ate in front of my boyfriend was a dill pickle.  Not much better.

I’m not a picky eater when it comes to salads.  Although I’m not a big fan of radicchio…  There, I said it.

I have only three conditions when it comes to my salads:

1.  It must have dressing.  It doesn’t have to be any particular kind, really.  I’ve been known to love a good Caesar dressing or a fat-free (all natural, of course) balsamic vinaigrette, but let’s face it- if there’s no dressing on the salad, there’s nothing to tie all of the flavors together and it’s just not the same.  Who’s with me?

2.  It must be accompanied by a carb.  No, I don’t want to hear it.  It’s just not a meal if you don’t add a side of bread.  Or a biscuit.  Or some crackers.  Or some tortilla chips (if it’s a taco salad).  This ties into the whole eating balanced foods thing I’m into, so just do it for me.

3.  It must have cheese.  I’ll let this one slip every once and a while, but usually only if I’m having the salad with a side of pizza.  I’ve said it before an I’ll say it again- my love of cheese is deep and it’s real (and it’s why I could never be vegan).

In this one:

Romaine (my favorite.  You just can’t go wrong)

Diced carrots



A little white cheddar, a little blue cheese

Soy ginger vinaigrette (from Trader Joe’s)

With a side of Garlic Naan from Trader Joe’s.

This was a nearly perfect dinner.  Lots of veggies, cheese, awesome dressing and one of my new favorite carbs on the side.  (If you like garlic, you NEED to get to Trader Joe’s to pick up some of this naan.  It’s ridiculous.)

[Insert contented sigh here].

What are your salad requirements?  Or do you prefer to forgo salads altogether in favor of a diet consisting exclusively of dill pickles?  They do give you fantastic breath.




4 thoughts on “The Perfect Salad

  1. Yeah… never ordered a salad in front of a guy on a date. I’m with you on all the sudden becoming VERY self aware- is there spinach in my teeth? what veggies are in here that will make me bloated? did they really forget to take off the onions?

    I love my salads. But they give me anxiety on dates…

  2. Oh I’m with you on the dressing, carbs and cheese. It’s gotta be there. And the bigger the better, in my opinion!

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