Hotty Toddy

Brr.  It is not warm out today and I’m chilly.

Or maybe I’ve just gone soft after my trip this weekend.

I consider myself pretty tough, being that I’ve always lived in places that have brutal winters (Chicago, Boston, Connecticut), but heading south where the leaves are still on the trees and people are wearing sundresses makes me wish that fall would just circle back around to spring without winter.

I bought tickets for my boyfriend and me to the Ole Miss v. Auburn game for his birthday, so we packed up his car and hit the road on Thursday.

I’ll say this much:  Illinois is pretty monotonous as far as landscapes go.  But we already knew this.

We got into Mississippi just as the sun was setting.

I had heard about the legendary tailgating that happens at Ole Miss before this weekend but I can now confidently confirm that the folklore is all real.

(He loves when I make him stop to take dorky pictures.  Especially when he’s carrying a heavy cooler full of…ahem, beer.)

That thing in the background?  Yeah, it’s a flat screen TV.  With a digital cable box.  With a generator powering it up.  They were not kidding around.

There was one guy that was on The Grove all night roasting a pig.


Between beer, football (Ole Miss lost…way harsh, Tai) and taco dip, I made sure to get a few of these in over the course of the weekend:

I actually skipped most of the tortilla strips on my Southwest salad because there were enough indulgent goods to go around and I was actually (shockingly?) just craving the vegetables.

And on our way out of town, we stopped for some of this:

If you’re a Food Network fan (and I can only understand if you’re not if you don’t have cable), you’re probably familiar with the Neelys.  Interstate Bar-B-Que is owned by Pat Neely’s uncle, Jim, and from what I understand is sort of the precursor to Neely’s BBQ.

Needless to say, it’s a Memphis staple.

I will say this, though: barbecue is not good road trip food.  Even in sandwich form.  I may have acted like a little kid when the bread fell apart as soon as I picked it up and I ended up with barbecue sauce all over me.

No matter.

And after a jaunty 9 1/2 hour drive, we’re home!

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Mississippi anymore…mostly because I’m freakin’ cold!

6 thoughts on “Hotty Toddy

  1. I love BBQ… I won a giveaway of memphis-style bbq sauce a few months ago and it was money!

    Love how crazy people get with their tailgating. I was definitely never in that group that got more organized than figuring out how to acquire a tent and coolers. Basic necessities…

  2. I always wish that we could skip winter. I’d be perfectly fine with that! What a birthday present! Looks fun:) Next time you pass through Normal (I’m sure you’re itching to make as top here) we’ll have to meet up!

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