I’m Not at #fbfest!

It seems that half the healthy living blog community is currently in San Francisco.

I am not.  Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to have gone, but due to budgetary/time restraints, I’m stuck in Chicago.  Not that I don’t love Chicago.

In fact, I may make it a point to do something really Chicago-y this weekend.  Just ’cause.

And since I’ll bet that we’ll see a lot of similar posts from some other blogs this weekend like we did during HLS, I’d like to offer you a little change of pace.

I give you my list of this week’s top ten random things:

1.  My favorite feeling of all time is being cozy.

2. A close second is being the center of attention.  What?  I was a theatre major!

3.  10 points if you know what the outfits in the above picture are a reference to.  Don’t ask me what the points are good for.

4.  I hate waiting for fruit to ripen.  This is why I have a hard time buying avocados.

5.  Oh, by the way, I have a hard time buying avocados.

6.  I spend about 12.5 hours per week commuting.  Aren’t you jealous?

7.  I could eat an entire 9×9 casserole dish of mac ‘n cheese in one sitting.  It’s best for me to be supervised when I make a batch.

8.  I can’t watch scary movies.  They mess with my head way too much and it’s just not worth it, so don’t even try to get me to go see Paranormal Activity II with you.

9.  Speaking of scary things, my boyfriend’s sister’s house is haunted.  We’ve stayed with her a couple times and she first told me about this around 2am one of those nights.  Cruel, isn’t it??  She and her husband like to mess with people, too.  Last weekend when we stayed at there house, they scared us with one of these:


popping out of the closet at us.  If the prank hadn’t been well executed, it wouldn’t have been funny at ALL!

10.  I feel hungover this morning even though I had exactly zero alcoholic beverages last night.   Oh, the humanity.

What’s your random thing of the day?

5 thoughts on “I’m Not at #fbfest!

  1. I can’t watch scary movies either. They totally mess with my head for days and I get no sleep.
    My random thing of the day is that I put on jeans for all of 3 hours to go see a movie and went right back to sweatpants when I got home. All about being cozy too!

  2. Love this post. 🙂 Hurray for Chicago-y things! I am going to make an effort to do some of that this weekend, too.

    That picture of you is awesome although I sadly don’t know the reference. It’s likely because I am lame and the worst ever at movie, song, TV show, etc. references.

    Random thing of the day? I found my crock pot while rearranging our apartment and decided to make soup for the first time in almost three years. This is after promising Bobby over and over that I would make him soup for the past almost three years, so it was a long time coming. 😉

  3. I didn’t go either. Love your random things. Paranormal II wasn’t scary, so you didn’t miss a good film just because you don’t like scary movies. The Scream mask prank sounds quite cruel, but I love haunted houses so I’m kind of jealous 🙂

    Oh and I could eat a whole banquet-sized platter of mac and cheese. It would be painful, but I could so do it.

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