Terrific Tuesday

Ever have one of those days that seems to never end?

It’s never the days when you’re doing something fun, is it?  It’s usually on a Tuesday, at the office.

Even though my co-worker dubbed today “Terrific Tuesday”.  I think he was kidding.  Let’s hope so.

Work dragged and I was met with gridlock on the expressway on my way home (which is what happens pretty much every day, so nothing new there).

Between having to run some errands after work and the time I devoted to cooking last night, I wasn’t in the mood to make myself an elaborate dinner.

Instead of relying on a frozen entree (I save those for lunches to bring to work when I’m in a real pinch), I made the fastest fresh meal I know.

Scrambled eggs.  Easy enough.  You don’t even have to try to make them look pretty like you would with an omelette.  Omelettes are high maintenance, let’s face it.

I should be honest, I have a compulsion to eat a square meal at dinner every night.  I blame this on my parents.  We always had a starch, a vegetable and a protein at dinner.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but let’s just say there have been times when I’ve gotten my shorts in a bunch because I didn’t have the full trifecta on my plate.

That means I added some veggies to my eggs in the form of a salad.

With some carrots and a little edamame.

And my starch was some TJ’s garlic naan.  I’m obsessed.

Of course, this naan is technically from the freezer section but I can’t really save it for lunch because it has a ton of garlic on it.  It would be rude to eat in public.   I mean, our office isn’t big enough to accomodate garlic breath of that magnitude.

A really simple, fast meal.  Because sometimes you want to braise your food.  And sometimes you just want it in your stomach.

2 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday

  1. oh gridlock. how I despise you. how was your drive yesterday with the bomb threat? did it change the traffic flow for you at all?

    I was even lazier than you- peanut butter sandwich for dinner. Balanced? No… expect me to touch on that tomorrow, too. 🙂

    Hopefully wonderful wednesday or thrilling thursday will be better…

  2. Omelets are overrated. I have yet to master the flip and I just tell myself I like them scrambled better and all is good.

    I would totally eat that garlic naan in public. Obviously, you are a more courteous office mate than I.

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