You Know It’s Bad When…

…you don’t even want to make a stop at Trader Joe’s.

Usually I look forward to my weekly (ok, sometimes twice weekly) trips to the mecca of quality inexpensive food, but not so much this week.

I blame day light savings.

(Don’t worry, I did eventually make a stop at TJ’s.  No funk can keep me away for too long.)

Which may also be the reason why I’ve been craving potato chips like you wouldn’t believe.

Don’t ask me how the two are related.

I saw a recipe on Angela‘s blog a while back for salt & vinegar chips and decided that I need to make my own.

If you asked me to eat a chip of this variety 10 years ago I would have made a face that would make a baby cry but I have become a fan of the whole salt & vinegar phenomenon in recent years.  Alas, I had no white vinegar in my pantry.

Incidentally, I really don’t like the word “pantry”.  It sounds too much like “panty”.  Ew, gross.

Anyway, another flavor that I love is jalapeno.  Or really anything spicy.  I would sleep with this stuff next to my bed if it wasn’t weird:

So I found this recipe and decided to make a slightly less spicy and healthier version.  (ie, I didn’t have any habaneros and I’m not about to use a deep fryer on a Wednesday evening- too much effort)

I subbed out the habaneros for pickled jalapenos, which I always think have a more piquant flavor that I love.

After I let the potatoes soak for 30 minutes, I lightly patted them dry, re-seasoned and greased them with garlic salt and pepper and some olive oil and threw them in a 425° oven until they were golden brown.  I also flipped them once while they were baking to make sure both sides got some lovin’.

Craving, satisfied.

At least until tomorrow.

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