Traffic Kills Me

And not just because sitting in a never ending line of cars is mind-numbingly boring.

But because it means that by the time I finish work, pack up my stuff, get in my car and actually make it home, I’m forced to resort to the world’s fastest dinner before quickly blogging and running out the door for flag football playoffs.

This also makes me sound like an intensely boring person who spends most of her time sitting in the drivers seat of her car not doing much actual driving at all.

I assure you this is not true.

Ok, it’s kind of true, but I’m not really that boring.  In fact, while I’m sitting condemned to the seat behind the wheel for hours on end, I’m also usually loudly belting out show tunes or making faces at myself in the rear view mirror.

Weird and perhaps slightly off-putting?  Definitely.  Boring?  Arguably not.

So I apologize for my crazy schedule and lack of riveting blog posts of late, my friends.

The Thanksgiving recaps (yes, that’s plural intentionally) will make up for it.

Because I freaking love Thanksgiving.

Get your game helmet on.  (A game face just won’t cover it.)

3 thoughts on “Traffic Kills Me

  1. I sing loudly, too. It’s definitely more embarrassing in the morning when people can see me. Now that it’s dark in the middle of the afternoon, I’m that much louder on the way home… 🙂

    You’re still playing football? Um… freezing?

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