Brrrger, It’s Cold Out!

I like burgers.

I don’t eat them very often.

But when someone suggests going out for burgers and a beer on a cold November night, I’m usually amenable.  Especially if I’ve had a long, uneventful Tuesday.  Like, oh say, every Tuesday.

Burgers it is!

And yes, I’m aware that burgers aren’t health food.  Especially when they’re covered in gooey cheese.

However, this burger came with sweet potato fries (hello, vitamins!), avocado (hello, unsaturated fat deliciousness!) and TONS of jalapenos (hello, cancer fighting capsacin!).

No, still not convinced that it’s healthy?

Alright, so I’ll cave.  It was sort of a splurge meal.  I will also recognize the fact that a “splurge meal” less than a week after Thanksgiving is somewhat ironic.  Let’s just move on, mmk?

All things considered, here’s how I upgraded my burger experience:

1.  I cut the burger in half the second it hit the table at the restaurant.  I find that with the enormous burgers that places like Burger Bar serve nowadays are usually big enough that I’m full after just half.  And I’m more likely to stop eating before I hit the second half if said second half is physically detached from the first half.  It’s Psych 101, guys.

2.  I ate the second half tonight for dinner.  And I paired it with a green salad.  Hey, if I’m going to have a burger two nights in a row I’ll have me some greens, too, thank you very much.

3.  I reheated it properly!  There are few things less appealing than a hamburger roll that is a) soggy, b) hard as a rock.  If you’re lazy (like yours truly) and need your food to be inserted into your pie hole as quickly as possible, thereby necessitating the use of a microwave rather than a stovetop or oven (puleease), here’s what you do:

Stick the whole burger in the micro for 20 seconds.  Then remove the bun and extra toppings and stick the burger patty back in the micro for about 35-45 seconds, depending on its girth. (Eww, bad word choice, I apologize.  But not enough to delete it and write a different word.  Sorry.)  The burger does NOT need to be piping hot.  You will overcook it and it will be nasty.  Trust me.  This isn’t my first rodeo.  Reassemble burger and shove in mouth.  Perfection.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a bed to crawl in and dreams of jalapeno laced all beef patties to attend to.

7 thoughts on “Brrrger, It’s Cold Out!

  1. The salad totally cancels out any issues with the burger. Duh.

    I always have the best of intentions when ordering burgers and such. Often, I cut it in half. It’s just a matter of if I’m going to go back for the other half or not…

    • Yeah, and did you notice how huge my salad was?? I mean, obviously it cancels it out. I don’t even know why I gave it a second thought. 🙂

  2. I love burgers, and I don’t eat them nearly often enough. The USAToday did a special on the best burger joints in all 50 states, and the one in AZ is 1/2 a mile from my house! I just ate there a couple weeks ago. LOVE it. LOVE it.

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