Make Like a Bear

…and hibernate.

That’s not so much an order for all of you so much as what I’d like to do at this very moment.  I’m not sure if it’s the weather recently turned frigid or the span of long work weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas (is it just me or do these weeks seem to drag on forever?) that’s to blame, but homegirl wants her sleep.

She also wants some cookies.  I must be channeling Santa because I have been having crazy cookie cravings as of late.  Preferably of the peanut butter variety.

Nope, those aren’t cookies.  They do sort of look like them but they are, in fact, homemade potato chips as seen here minus the jalapenos because I was out of them.  Not cookies, but they’re also pretty awesome.

I sautéed black beans with a sliced chicken sausage and veggies to go with my chips.  Quite balanced, if I do say so myself.

Black beans kind of look like chocolate chips.

Potatoes that sort of look like cookies and beans that kind of look like chocolate chips??  I can just pretend that I had cookies for dinner!

No?  Not so much?

Oh, well, at least it tasted pretty dang good.

8 thoughts on “Make Like a Bear

  1. It’s pretty crazy weather right now – and I’ve got the cookie cravings too. In fact I just baked a few dozen!
    Those homemade potato chips look so good. They’ve been on my “to make” list for quite a while…

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