Crashing Cravings

Work is slow this week.  Lots of people in my office have taken the entire week off, and the building is (relatively) quiet.

What happens when there’s not a lot of noise and I’m coming off of a fairly indulgent break?

The voices begin.

The voices that sound like either a Jewish mother or just my dad (which sound uncannily similar to the untrained ear) that call out, “Oatmeal raisin cookie!”, “Everything bagel chips!”, “Look at you, you need dessert!  You’re practically emaciated!”

Trust me, I’ve done my fair share of indulging over the past week.  I wouldn’t lie.

But then again, the holidays aren’t really over until after the 1st of the year, and besides, I’d hate to waste the remainder of a perfectly good (and still fresh, by the way!) batch of oatmeal raisin cookies.  And the Everything chips?  Well they’re from Food Should Taste Good, and what could be wrong with that?

But if I’m honest with myself (“…and at Christmas you tell the truth” <– name the movie), the cravings aren’t because my body actually needs the ground corn and spices in those chips.

It’s because I’m crashing.

Off of a plentitude of desserts.

Off of an endless supply of appetizers.

Off of an ever-present cocktail hour, the most magical hour of the day.

And off of a blissfully restful vacation that went by way too fast.

So I really should just get a hold of myself and pull on the reins a little bit and make myself a big honkin’ plate of veggies and lean protein.

But if I’m really being honest?

I’d rather come in for a nice soft landing than crash face first into a hard pile of raw broccoli.

9 thoughts on “Crashing Cravings

  1. Love Actually!

    I can’t believe I only watched that movie twice this year. What gives???

    People are still bringing Christmas cookies and such to work. If they keep bringing them, it seems I’ll keep eating them. Truth…

  2. Love Actually! I love love love love love that movie. Yes sirree, that’s 5 “loves” in one sentence. Practically a record.

  3. I’m so ashamded, I’ve never seen Love Actually :/
    I have heard so much about it that I finally added it to Netflix and of course there is an insane long wait for it!

    I am trying so hard to get back on track, but the goodies keep calling my name 😦


  4. How did I make it through the holiday season without watching Love Actually? I think quoting it constantly probably counts as watching it once, don’t you think?

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