So…What’s Next?

Well I guess the bosses were serious when they said we had to work five straight days right after the holidays.  Is it wrong that I think there should be obligatory company sponsored pizza parties and happy hours every day during the week after a break to ease us back in?

Say, that’s not a bad idea.  I might bring it up at tomorrow’s staff meeting.

The cat would also like in on the happy hour business.

In honor of making it through this first week of 2011, I thought I’d entertain you with my answers to a poll that the lovely and hilarious Holly tagged me in.

Four TV Shows I Watch

  • Mad Men (ie, the best show on TV.  No joke.  It’s on AMC.  You should catch up on episodes, I’m telling you.)
  • Modern Family
  • The news (yessir,  I do)
  • The Real Housewives (what?  It makes me seem totally normal!)

And I can always use something in my life that makes me seem more normal.

Four Things I’m Passionate About

  • My family
  • Belly laughing
  • Really good food
  • Theatre (and acting in general)

Yes, that’s me.  “Pregnant”.  On stage.  Ahhh, the glory days.

Four Words/Phrases I Use Too Much

  • “You don’t know me, I do what I want.”
  • “Mmhmm, mmhmm, mmhmm”  (in an affirmative tone.  Tough to type out, apparently.)
  • “Right??”  (the boss started it at work.  What?  It’s catchy!)
  • “Oh girl, I want to email you so nice.”  (click here and I dare you not to laugh)


Four Things I’ve Learned From the Past

  • Richard Simmons hair is only a good look when you’re two years old- I would know.
  • Sleeping past 10 am is overrated.
  • Appreciate college while you’re still in it.  Cliche? Absolutely.  True? Without a doubt.
  • Things can always get worse.  And they can always get better.

Four Things I’m Looking Forward To

  • A cocktail date I have set for later this week with a friend.
  • Daylight lasting past 4:30 pm.
  • The Superbowl- no matter who plays.
  • Vacations to New Orleans and Mexico later this year.

Four Things I Love About Winter

  • The fact that you can pass off a chunky sweater as dinnerwear.  At least I like to.
  • Blankets.  Lots of blankets.
  • Getting snowed in.
  • Labskause (Scandinavian beef stew).  It only seems appropriate when the weather is straight up cold.

Tag Four People To Play Along

  • Katie because she’s bound to have tons of hilarious anecdotes to share.  Even though she’s a Packers fan. 🙂
  • Madeline – I’m sure her awesome new job has spawned a bunch of great stories.
  • The lovely and sweet Courtney.
  • Andrea – I always want to know what she has to say!

Your turn!

14 thoughts on “So…What’s Next?

    • Thank you. This is good info in case I decide that I want to get knocked up- really, it’s all about how you look while you’re doing it. Happy thinking!

  1. Okay, we are soul mates. I probably yell “you don’t know me, I do want I want” at least once a day. And now I have some serious pondering to do.

    • I agree, friend. I will be emailing you in the next week or two regarding this matter- be sure to check your inbox frequently. 😉

  2. Awww, i love this post and I have to say my fave show is the Real housewives too! I am totally digging the Beverly Hills gals and would love to live in just one of their homes…ok maybe Camilles, but i would take any 😉


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