That Just Happened

I’m having one of those days that is proving itself to be amusing over and over again.

For one thing, I’m operating on a too-short night of fitful sleep.  And when Megan don’t get her beauty sleep, she turns into the Queen of SlapHappy.

(Case in point- random signs in the middle of nowhere become hilaaarious)

I also had some strong coffee today and a staff meeting that involved delicious mini chocolate chip cookies this afternoon of which I ate…a few.  So much for the whole “cookies are going in the tupperware” idea.  But they were totally worth it, especially after a tough morning workout and soooper vitamin filled lunch.

So, I’m riding a bit of a caffeine/sugar wave.

This conversation via text just happened with my boyfriend:

Me: By the way, I didn’t mean to insult your fish.
Him: My fish are crying.
Me: If humans cry tears, do fish cry air bubbles?
Him: Salt! Duh? How do you think salt water is made?

I decided to celebrate those fish (as well as the strange mood I’m in) with some sushi.

I picked up a 1/2 spicy, 1/2 regular California roll at Trader Joe’s (yes, I finally motivated myself to make the trip), which I normally don’t do, but we’ve established that I’m not being normal today.

I also made a salad.

Some of this:

on top of lettuce, tossed with a tablespoon or two of this:

makes this:

Yeah, salad is normal.  I gotta do something normal today, right?

Oh, and just for good measure here’s the next Trader Joe’s find of the week:

Frozen Heat and Eat falafel!!  I can’t wait to eat these.  I have very high hopes.

So…how was your day?

10 thoughts on “That Just Happened

  1. I am cracking up over that text conversation.

    Jaime and I will often IM across the office with similar goofy conversations- usually when I am on coffee #2-3 after a sleepless night. Because I’m clearly not productive when this happens.

  2. I was a complete goofball all day today due to lack of sleep. Maybe there is something in the air.

    Frozen falafel…man that Joe guy knows his shit.

  3. Haha, I love that textversation. Good stuff.

    Can’t wait to hear about the TJ’s falafe. Not that I’ll ever get to try them since TJ’s doesn’t want me to be happy and refuses to come to OKC.

  4. Trader Joe’s has falafels ready to eat??? What? I must go now. 😉 Love TJ’s!

    And that Champagne dressing is so good- along with the mix of veggies and sushi. Good finds!

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