Brand Spankin’ New

Here at Braise The Roof, I’m constantly nagging and/or bragging about the virtues of saving a buck and still eating well.

This girl likes a good deal.

But even if I wasn’t on a budget I’m pretty sure that Trader Joe’s would still be my grocery store equivalent of a life partner.  And I may be 26, but I still shop at Forever 21.

Hey, it’s all about making good choices.  You can find [relatively] tasteful clothing at tween/pubescent/hoochie stores if you try, and you can also eat really well on a budget.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had beef for dinner last night.  I thought about taking pictures of my meal, but a) I was with a group of people that aren’t accustomed to food blogger idiosyncrasies (I live a lie, I know) and b) the lighting at Las Tablas isn’t very conducive to photography.

But here are my leftovers!

Why am I showing you a picture of my half eaten food in a styrofoam container?

Because leftovers are thrifty.

And they’re also versatile.

There’s a lot to be said for throwing leftovers on a plate and heating them in the microwave.  It’s easy and definitely the fastest way to eat them.  Short of straight out of the fridge, of course.

But sometimes I don’t want to just shovel the rest of my steak and chicken in my mouth straight out of the fridge.  And that’s when I figure out a way to incorporate my leftovers into a whole new dish.

Enter:  mixed grill fried rice.

It’s basically just fried rice, it’s true.

I chopped up some veggies and threw them in a skillet with a little oil.

Then I took my leftover skirt steak and garlic chicken, chopped it up and added it to the veggies along with a scrambled egg.

Oooh, it’s getting good.

Then I took my flavor components and drizzled a little of each in the pan.

PLUS, I added a sprinkle of cumin.  I went with the Latin theme of my Colombian skirt steak and chicken.  And it worked, trust me.

At this point, I added my cooked brown rice and stirred it all together, at the same time realizing that the skillet I was using was pathetically small.

It may have been straight up, run of the mill fried rice, but the addition of the spicy meat and sprinkle of cumin made it taste just different enough to keep it from being same old, same old.

Fried rice- or stir fries of any kind, for that matter- is a great way to use up leftover meat, and it’ll even make your unfinished meal seem brand new.

How do you eat your leftovers?  Straight up or mixed up?

6 thoughts on “Brand Spankin’ New

  1. Nice move. That’s what I did with leftover steak from Gibsons once before, but I put them with eggs (surprised? no?) for a steak and eggs dinner. Like I said before, I’m sure steak lovers everywhere were gasping in horror…

    That was the most protein-eriffic meal of all time.

  2. I love reworking leftovers into something more exciting. Fried rice is the perfect solution. I also LOVE me a good deal. I went to target last night and got a bunch of workout clothes for $60 – the same amount I was going to spend on a sports bra. Instead, I got two sports bras, 6 pairs of socks, a workout tank, AND a fleece!

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