Wow, I had a total brain fart last night and didn’t realize that yesterday’s post was my…

One hundredth post!

Who wants to bet me $1 that I forget my blog’s first birthday, too?  For shame, Megan.

Now that Braise The Roof has grown up so much, I thought I’d tickle and amuse you with a story that has absolutely nothing to do with anything relevant to…Braise The Roof.

Other than it may completely change your opinion of me.  Let’s hope not.

If you click over to my About page, you’ll notice that I made a reference to my alter-ego: Judith.

Back in the day, when Colleen still lived in Chicago, we spent many a weekend gallivanting around Chicago, exploring the murky waters of the early 20’s scene.

Naturally, as two young, eligible females perched at a cocktail table we were occasionally approached by equally young, eligible gentlemen.  And sometimes…other types of men.

On one occasion several years ago, Colleen and I were mid-conversation and when a Young Man belonging to the latter group approached us we were simply not prepared to engage in the standard single-person-at-a-bar tango.

In order to deflect his advances, Colleen launched into a story about her cat who had just…passed away.  From a drug overdose.  And her crazy roommate had stashed it in the freezer to “preserve” it.

Of course, this didn’t actually happen.  In fact, it’s a story line from an episode of The Office.  It was all innocent enough, but we pulled it off like the seasoned actors that we are (no, really.  We’ve both been full-time actors in the past.  We even have degrees from universities to prove it.) and Young Man bought it.

(We look innocent enough, don’t we?)

Naturally, we had to assume aliases so that our fictitious story wouldn’t be traced back to us.  The name that came to Colleen was normal enough.  But when Young Man asked my name, what popped into my brain?


And the thing about Judith?  She’s pissed.  No, it’s not “Judy“.  It’s “Judith”.  And you really shouldn’t cross her.  She’s fiesty.

Clearly, the name spoke to me.

And I haven’t been normal since.

I thought you should know.

Since it’s hump day, let’s all share: who is your alter-ego?

Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.  G’nite!


6 thoughts on “Incidentally…

  1. I just adore this post. As does my alter ego, Tracy. And incidentally, I now live on Tracy Terrace here in the City of Angeles. If only our behavior in bars was more angelic….nah. Here’s to Mr. Buttons, and the round of grape popsicle shots Young Man purchased for us.

    • Haha, I thought you’d like it. 🙂 I love that you live on Tracy Terrace now- too perfect. Be honest- you totally planned that, didn’t you?

  2. Haha, I love it! The same thing happened to me and a group of friends at IHOP one fine early morning, and I remember the name I gave as totally random and old-lady sounding. But now I’ve forgotten it. Bummer.

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