Photo-less Friday

As I am currently without my camera (don’t worry, nothing alarming happened to it, I just don’t have it on my person at the moment), I thought I’d kick start your weekend with a list of five things to consider:

One.  If you live in Chicago, the official list of participating restaurants for Restaurant Week 2011 has been announced for February 18-27.  There are six new restaurants this year.  You better believe my wallet is going to be lighter come February 28.

Two.  I’m probably going to eat my weight in lefse tonight.  If you don’t know what lefse is, see here.  If you’ve never had it, I highly recommend you go find some this weekend.  And if I consider myself to be a Norwegian at all, I will be posting pictures in the near future of myself covered in butter and sugar.


Three.  Something I’ve been contemplating recently: free museum passes.  We all know I love a good deal.

Four.  Bears and Seahawks on Sunday.  ‘Nuff said.


Five.  I have a guest post coming up on Sunday on a funny, witty and generally entertaining fellow food bloggers blog.  Be sure to check back on Sunday for the details.

Have a great Friday, everyone!

What’s on the docket this weekend?


7 thoughts on “Photo-less Friday

  1. Gahh, Restaurant Week! So much temptation… used to go when I lived in DC but haven’t yet here in Chicago. Something to think about!

    And lefse!!! YES! Love the Scandinavian roots 🙂 Used to eat a lot of lefse growing up — I really should learn to make it on my own!

    • It’s actually really easy to make! Of course, it helps if you have a lefse griddle and turning stick (the technical term, clearly) like my parents have. 🙂 I think you can buy them online.

  2. Liar! There are pictures on this post!

    I might have to pop in on Sunday to rub in the Packers win to you. But, I do hope the Bears win….if only so we can stomp them the next week. 🙂

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