A Case of the Cheapos

So, I visited my lover tonight.

And I sort of felt like he robbed me after I left.

Ok, yes I am aware that spending less than $50 at a grocery store, especially when you haven’t been shopping in a while and are in need of some very basic necessities, doesn’t really qualify as busting the bank.

But the thing is, I’ve gotten really good at spending under $40 to stock up on food and I was a little surprised by my final tally at the register.

So what’s the high cost culprit here?

Ta da:

Meat.  It’s what’s for dinner.  And it’s also what’s jacking up my grocery bill.

I do try to buy the most economical meat I can but I’m also concerned with buying the highest quality meat available for the price.

As a result, I resort to my typical, cheap cooking a lot.  No, really- a LOT.  And you know what that means?

Beans.  Because 2 cans of black beans at 89¢ a pop can feed me and my boyfriend, whereas chicken for two usually isn’t cheaper than $6 or $7- even when I’m being cost-conscious.

Ironically (or not surprisingly?), I froze that ground turkey and chicken tonight and used up some black beans in the form of Emily‘s vegan black bean burgers instead.

And because I’m super classy and refuse to use up my “expensive” chicken the first day it has come home from the store, I made sure to use equally classy utensils:

Yes. A cheese slicer in place of a spatula to serve as a burger flipper.  Such a class act I am.

Thankfully, I love this black bean burger recipe and they were very elegant next to some avocado slices and roasted brussels sprouts.

Pretty, isn’t it?

And even the ketchup was organic.

I think this cheap ass is gonna be alright after all.

(PS, if you haven’t already, check out my guest post from yesterday on Katie‘s blog.  I talk about being cheap.  Shocking, I know.  Enjoy!)

10 thoughts on “A Case of the Cheapos

  1. I think it’s hilarious we can recite TJ price points if called upon to do so. My being responsible in this area of my life averages out the other times when I’m not so much, right? (errr… saturday nights?)

  2. When I was at home I said something to my dad about how produce is so expensice and since that is 90% of what I buy, that’s why I spend so much money at the store. He laughed and said, no, Katie, that would be meat. Obviously you don’t buy much.

    FYI – $50 is nothing. I spend that twice a week. I wish I were kidding.

  3. Haha! You’re right… meat is sooo expensive! That is the one way that I can get my husband to eat less meat — pointing out the expense. Luckily he’s just as cheap as I am, so we’re buying and eating less and less meat!

  4. Meat really is expensive. I pretty much cook all vegetarian all the time for that reason. I save meat for when I eat out.

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