Because It’s Monday

On Mondays, I think we can all use a laugh.

This is my latest (non-food related) obsession:


Hyperbole and a Half makes me laugh.  Really hard.

And also makes me look kinda crazy in front of my coworkers when I’m stifling guffaws at my desk.  But, honestly, see if I care.  I own my crazy.

So if you’re needing a laugh like I am, go read “The Party” on Allie’s blog.

Mondays are for lovers.  Of pizza.  Sometimes, you just need a good slice.

I won’t lie to you.  It would be wrong and a betrayal of the bond of trust we share, readers.  HomeMade Pizza is amazing.  Sure, a pie there might run you a few more dollars than your local parlor, but it’s worth it.

The toppings are gourmet, the crust is whole wheat (if you roll like that), and the ingredients are local.

And if you want a salad to go with your pizza, you’ll have to call my nephew.   He knows his way around some serious gourmet mix-ins.

I like my salads fancy, thankyouverymuch.  I’m a fancy kind of lady sometimes.


Sometimes you steal a bite of your nephews cheese pizza.

Right, like I said.  I’m fancy.


11 thoughts on “Because It’s Monday

  1. Ha!! Bobby always catches me laughing when I read Hyberbole and a Half and asks, “are you reading that website again?” I LOVE it!! “The Party” is a definite favorite.

    I also love homemade pizza – and that last picture. 🙂

  2. Hyperbole and a Half always has me snorting. I was reading it on my iphone when things were slow this past week and my coworkers definitely thought I was a crazy person.

  3. haha. that last pic is priceless. and yes, pizza is always a good way to end a Monday. my Monday ended with a beer + stuffed grilled cheese sandwich, so i have to say i think we both ended the day right.

  4. Im totally the crazy girl sitting at her desk laughing all day long. That said, only about half the time am I laughing at something online. The rest of the time, its just because I thought of something funny. 🙂

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