The Little Things

Is it really only Wednesday?

So you’re telling me that I’ve only worked three days this week?

Oh.  Alright then.

Tonight, I wanted to eat a home cooked meal, but didn’t feel like really cooking much.  Nor did I really have the time to devote to a labor intensive meal.

Roasted veggies it is.  They make me happy.

I chopped up a huge parsnip and some brussels and called it good.  (Roasted at 425° for about 25 minutes)

I’m gonna level with you.  I roast veggies half the time because it involves less clean up than other methods of cooking.  You know when you steam veggies in a pot and it leaves that crud around the sides when you’re done?

No, just me?  Well, regardless, I dislike scrubbing pots.

But throwing veggies and chickpeas on a foil lined sheet pan and tossing them in the oven is easy peasy on the clean up front.

Tin foil is my homie.

Food tastes so much better when you know that clean up will simply be crumpling this:

…and tossing it out.

It’s better for taking your aggressions out on than a big heavy pot, too.  Easier to dominate.  I owned that foil.  I may have slam dunked it in the trash.

It’s the little things that make me happy.

The little things, and this side dish:

Naan from Trader Joe’s spread with a little spinach garlic butter and warmed in the oven.  It was stupid good.

The “dishes” are done and I’ve had my garlic, my foil crushing and my excessive amounts of fiber, so I’m calling it a night.

This day couldn’t possibly get any better.

5 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. I roast veggies nightly for the lack of dishes (I slam dunk my tin foil too, you betcha), the minimal active cooking time, and the deliciousness. I won’t get sick of them, I don’t care what you say.

  2. I really wish I liked roasted veggies more, but I usually prefer them cooked in some sort of pan. It really is a pain in the ass. The naan looks fabulous though. I would like some.

  3. OMG your meals look INCREDIBLE! Seriously. All my favorite foods- brussel sprouts and chickpeas! Oh, and garlic. 😉

  4. Anything that can be roasted gets roasted, I’m all about crumbling up the foil to call it a night!

    I bought garlic naan from Trader Joe’s that is downright amazing good!

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