The Breakfast Situation

I’m a creature of habit.

Especially in the morning.

And especially when it comes to breakfast.

Exhibit A:

This is the breakfast I eat almost five days a week.  Ezekial bread (of the sesame variety) toasted and shmeared with Valencia all-natural chunky peanut butter with flax seeds from Trader Joe’s, wrapped up in a piece of tin foil and toted to work.

I do not devote time to cooking breakfast during the week.  Clearly.

And I’m durn happy ’bout it, thank yeh very much.

When it comes to dinner and even lunch, I’m all about variety and creativity.  I geek out over finding new ingredients and making interesting things with them.  But when I’m hungry and have about 30 seconds to make breakfast before I hurry out the door in the morning, I have zero desire to dirty anything more than a knife for peanut butter spreading.

So peanut butter toast and sometimes some fruit gets me by 5/7 of the time.

Weekends are a little bit different.

Fancy schmancy egg scramble with a side of garlic naan?  Made it.

Cinnamon roll french toast from Yolk?  Yeah, I went there.

Breakfast potatoes with scrambled eggs?  I haven’t said no to that yet.

On weekends, I have no interest in peanut butter toast.

It’s party time.

This morning, I wanted to make a special breakfast for myself.

You heard me.   Make myself. Not go to a restaurant.  This is huge for me.

What did I come up with?

Oh, just chocolate chip peanut butter oats.  No biggie.

I realize that almost the entire healthy living blog world is more than well versed in the art of oatmeal making.  I never really jumped on that bandwagon.  Mostly for the aforementioned “I have no time to make breakfast” thing.  And the fact that I have no interest in oatmeal during any of the warm months during the year.  Unless it’s in cookie form.  Cookies are season-less.

But this was an exciting breakfast for me.

I mean, look at it!

All I did was cook the oats on the stovetop with a few shakes of cinnamon, and then sprinkled a few Trader Joe’s dark chocolate chips  and a tablespoon of Valencia peanut butter on top.

Ok, so I can’t escape the peanut butter.

It owns my heart.

But it’s nice to give Zeke a break.

What are you feasting on today?

16 thoughts on “The Breakfast Situation

  1. Well… you saw what I had. Cornmeal pancakes were a huge win! Although you’ll need a ridiculous amount of syrup to polish off the amount I did… just a warning.

    Happy weekend! And yes- there are still plenty of nights of ‘stache fun ahead… you won’t miss out!

  2. Cookies have no season – I am singing this to the tune of The Byrds’ To Everything…Turn, Turn, Turn.

    I don’t even bother to eat breakfast most morning. That’s true laziness. I make up for it at lunch though. who, boy!

  3. I have overnight oats for breakfast almost every morning. Its just easier.
    But I totally understand not wanting to dirty anything more than a knife in the morning. Not gonna lie, I’ve been known to spread peanut butter with my fingers so I didnt have to wash any dishes at all. Im just that lazy.

  4. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, I seem to go all out for breakfast and simple for lunch and dinner…sometimes.

    Love your oats, Yumm!

  5. 1) I first heard about french toasted cinnamon rolls approximately three years ago and have been obsessed with trying them ever since. Fitting, as I’m already obsessed with cinnamon rolls to begin with.

    2) Breakfast is usually the only meal I put any effort into. I think I get all my cooking mojo in the morning. Since I work afternoons & evenings, I’ll even make my dinner in the morning and reheat it later.

    3) Sesame ezekiel is the best.

    • Yeah, you need to find yourself some cinnamon roll french toast STAT. That was from brunch at Yolk- I feel like I shouldn’t try to recreate them or I could get myself into some trouuuble!

  6. Ok, now that I’m starving, I’m also drooling. Those cinnamon roll french toast things look great!

    I’m in need of that egg scramble with a side of garlic naan! DELISH!

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