Frit Ta Da!

I’m pretty good at making scrambled eggs.

Sauteing some fillings, adding spices, whisking the perfect amount of milk into the eggs before they hit the skillet to make them perfectly fluffy.


They look pretty darn tasty, huh?

But please pick up your jaw off the floor.  Scrambled eggs- no matter how you scramble them- aren’t really that impressive.

I think I’m a strong enough person to say that.

The thing is, I’m not great at cooking eggs other ways.  I still haven’t mastered the art of hard boiling.  The whole “egg timer” concept is apparently lost on me.

I’m kind of ok with it.  Because at the end of the day, I still occasionally have breakfasts that look like this:

But you know me.  I’m anything but satisfied with making the same kind of food over and over.  I mean, barf.

So the other night, my poor-ass 20 something self opened the refrigerator door to find something good to eat for dinner.  I saw eggs (at $1.19 a dozen, that’s not a surprise) sitting there.

But scrambled eggs just wouldn’t cut it.

French toast?

Nah, too breakfast-y.

A quiche?

No, I had no crust making ambitions (I rarely do.  Crusts are kinda frou frou.)

A frittata!

That’s basically a quiche minus the crust and without having to transfer the egg mixture into a casserole, right?

I threw a bunch of ingredients in a skillet to get warm and groovy.

Including some leeks left over from my take on Jessica‘s white bean hash so I rinsed ’em up good in a bowl of water and softened them up with some spinach and garlic.

Then I added an andouille chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s and the eggs and sprinkled the whole mix with a little cheddar.

The trick to frittata is to partially cook the egg mixture on the stovetop and then pop it in a pretty hot oven to let it finish cooking and puff up a little.

Don’t quote me on that.  I’m not an expert on eggs, and certainly not on frittatas.  But it worked for me!

Post-oven.  See how it comes up easily at the sides when I slid a spatula under it?  That’s skillz.

I have to say, it was a nice little change of pace and felt much more dinner appropriate than a scramble would have.

Because I’m a big kid and eat big kid meals, you know.  Well, most of the time, anyway.

9 thoughts on “Frit Ta Da!

  1. You can ask Mon- I threw a fit when all the regular eggs were gone and I had to spring the extra 30 cents or whatever for the jumbo eggs… Sad but true.

    Not that they won’t be appreciated… love the veggie-rific breakfast/dinners!

  2. I’m all about the scrambles too. I always get freaked out about burning my pan during the pan-in-oven portion of the fritatta method, so I more often go the casserole-ish route. I love eggs though, in almost any form.

    And, agreed, crusts are frou frou.

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