A Very Madison Weekend

Ok, so I’m busting my mysterious streak today.  It had to end eventually, I’m just not hip enough to sustain all the mystique.

But it’s hip to be square, after all.

Besides, Amy and Holly sort of already burst the enigma bubble already.

Have you seen this picture yet?  Yep, that’s me and Amy at the 4th state capitol.  Legislating our asses off.

Other highlights:

Pitcher of PBR at der Rathskeller (ie, U of Wisconsin’s student union) : $8.

With a large popcorn on the side.  What is it about cheap beer and popcorn that makes all my troubles disappear?

Basket o’ cheese curds: $6.95.  And the Spotted Cows were only $4.  Holler.

I am envious of you if you don’t think $4 for a non-mass produced domestic beer is cheap.  Beer+big city livin = bye, bye cash.

Getting stuck in over 2 feet of snow on a frozen lake:  fo’ free.

Except I would’ve gladly paid money for a hairdryer to dry off my jeans, which clearly didn’t stand a chance against the snow.

Sitting down at a table sorting graffiti that would clearly become the mantra of the entire trip: priceless.

Wait- what does that say?

That’s right.  Balls 4 Life.

A classy slogan for some classy ladies.


13 thoughts on “A Very Madison Weekend

  1. I seriously can’t stop looking at the pictures. Hilarious. Just hilarious…

    And yeah… I am seriously jealous of the price of a night out there. It’s not even because of specials- the beer is really that cheap!

  2. YES YES YES YES YES! this recap is magical. absolutely magical. the pics of us in the snow. the legislative pictures. the beer. you ladies are welcome back to Madison anytime your cheap beer needing hearts desire 🙂

    much love to you Megannnnnn!


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