Every Party Has a Planner…

This is what happens when I decide to throw a dinner party:

I make detailed schedules to make sure that all the dishes are hot n’ ready (no, I don’t live at Little Caesars) at the same time and not a moment before I assume my guests will be ready to sit down to eat.

I have issues, yes.

But I’m also self aware enough to know that when it comes to making dinner, if I’m up the river without a plan I tend to unravel at an alarming speed.

The schedules help me.  Let’s face it.  I write a blog that focuses a LOT on delicious food.  There’s pressure when you invite friends over to eat YOUR delicious food.

But then again, sometimes schedules are made to be broken.

Like when I hit horrid traffic on my commute home.

Or when I turn on the TV while I’m getting ready and am instantly pulled into the time suck I like to call Bravo.

These things happen.

Luckily, I have friends that a) don’t mind waiting, b) are willing to help out and c) are awesome.

I am by no means a professional party-thrower (otherwise I’d call myself an “event coordinator”) but I know one thing:  plan on serving some quick and easy appetizers.

I had my friends help me put out some hummus and veggies and bagel chips with prepared bruschetta “dip” from Trader Joe’s.  Bagel chips and bruschetta is a magical combination, by the way.

Having appetizers ready to go gives people something to snack on when you inevitably end up getting behind on your timetable.

It also doesn’t hurt to feature a recipe that you’re very familiar with as the star of your dinner party.

Meatballs, anyone?

They aren’t just easy to make.  They’re also a dish that I grew up with, and I never mess with it.  It’s a traditional family recipe, and I wouldn’t want to shame the family by getting all epicurean on their asses.

You start by rolling the balls.

And then frying them in buttaahhh.  My family may not be Southern but we could definitely hang with Paula Deen.

Then you make the gravy.

And let them sit in the hot tub and get all happy and sexy.  Can meatballs be sexy?  Uhh…yes.

And then you have this:

On time or not, meatballs make people happy.

And that’s all that matters.

13 thoughts on “Every Party Has a Planner…

  1. Looks like a great time! I do the same thing with the schedules — counting back from the time when I think we’ll want to eat, what I need to be doing, and when. But things never do follow the schedule!

  2. Late can be good! Especially when the end result is that yummy looking and you have great apps to snack on.

  3. Dinner parties can totally be stressful and I’m one of those people who will get completely and utterly stressed. lol

    But how fun is it to have friends over for a cooking dinner party?! Good times! And much more relaxing.

    Mmmmmm meatballs… yum.

  4. We made meatballs last night which led to so many inappropriate ball jokes I don’t even know where to start.

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