Getting My Calcium

As much as I think that it’s crucial to get all of the basic food groups into your mouth every single day, I also think there’s occasionally some room for…creativity.

That pizza is lousy with veggies.

And this counts as protein, right?

Olives = healthy fats.

Ok, so I don’t actually think these are substitutes for big servings of real, whole foods like salads, stir fries and lean proteins.

But if you’re going to have a cocktail (or five), you might as well squeeze some good ol’ fashioned dairy in.

Last night at book club, my friend and lovely host, Amber, decided she was going to make a batch of her signature cocktail: the Colorado Bulldog.

I didn’t know what this was before last night.  Turns out it’s a fun spin on the classic white Russian.

You start with a shot of Kahlua.

Next, add a healthy shot of plain vodka,

Traditionally, you would add cream as you would in a standard white Russian, but we decided to be healthy (bahaha) and use a tall pour of skim milk instead.

And here’s the kicker: you top the whole thing off with a splash of cola.

We used Dr Pepper, but I’d imagine you could use Coke or Pepsi.  Whatever you have- we’re not sticklers, here.

Folks, these were good.  I almost think the 2nd one was even better.

My bones feel stronger already.

15 thoughts on “Getting My Calcium

  1. Um yum!!! I think the Dr Pepper rounds it out nicely. I must try!

    My chocolates last night had strawberry nougat in it and I’m totally counting that as fruit 😉

  2. It was cruel and unusual to post pictures of delicious alcoholic drinks when I can’t drink any. They sure looked good!

  3. The 2nd drinks are always way better! Reminds me of my partying days, we made up the craziest, tastiest drinks!!!

  4. Just came across your blog via Greens and Jeans!

    I live in Canada, and those drinks are called Paralyzers here. I like mine with spiced rum instead of vodka, and rootbeer! Soooo yummy. They go down too well, though.

    • Ha, who knew! I bet spiced rum would be great in these- I’ll have to pass that along! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  5. Whoooaaa. Pop AND milk?? Mind = blown.

    Also, one would assume because of the milk, this would be okay to drink before noon, like a mimosa, right? 😉

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