Older Than Dirt

I would like to take a moment out of my regularly scheduled programming to enlighten you all with something fairly majestic that came into my life last weekend.

This may look like an ordinary glass of wine:

But it is, in fact, Armenian pomegranate wine.

What’s that, you ask?

“…goes back to at least Biblical times, when Noah established the first vineyard…”

That’s right, everyone.  This wine is allegedly older than the New Testament.

That’s some heavy stuff.

{Image has been obscured to protect the innocent}

And who knew that Noah retired after a hard lifetime of ark building to the Biblical equivalent of Napa?

I always knew I liked him.

If you’re observing Ash Wednesday (and not fasting), you may want to pick some of this stuff up- it’s only fitting.

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  1. I think Katie and Amy are crazy (well, I thought that before…). This looks awesome.

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