The Big Easy (restaurant review)

There are few things that remain unadulterated sources of joy in my life: happy hour and gourmet burgers.

Imagine how many endorphins are released into my brain when I have the chance to combine the two.

Last week I went to happy hour at an establishment about which I’ve heard a great deal, namely that they have some of the best burgers in town.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Bad Apple:

Not only do they have  an awesome list of specialty and customizable burgers, they also have a great beer list.

The first few beers that I tried to order weren’t on tap yet, but luckily there were plenty of other options that were equally tempting.

I went with the North Coast PranQster.  With a 7.6% ABV, it’s a pretty serious beer with a lot of Belgian golden ale goodness.

I’d definitely recommend it for those times when you just can’t take another green beer.

The next incredibly difficult choice I had to make (this place with the choices…jeez Louise!) was my burger.

Sure they have other things on the menu, but when a place is known for their burgers, WHY would I even look at the other parts of the menu?

After some deliberation, I finally just asked my server his preference between some of the top contenders.  (Tip: you should always ask your server’s opinion- they know what’s up)

I finally decided on the Big Easy, mostly because the muffaletta is hands down, pants down my favorite sandwich in the world.

I’m not certain about a whole lot of things in this world, but that’s one of them.

Ohhh, baby.

Crispy salami, olive and pepper salad, melty cheese and a big ol’ burger cooked to the perfect temperature (which is medium rare for me, thank you).

The fries were also fantastic.  I seriously couldn’t stop eating them.

You might be asking, “So Megan, why the hesitation to order this particular burger when you already know how much you love the sandwich version of this New Orleans tradition?”

Well, it’s because tonight I’ll actually BE in New Orleans!

And with any luck, within 24 hours I’ll have one of those lovely, round, enormous sandwiches from this place:

in my hands.

I’m off to New Orleans- see you from the Big Easy!

4 thoughts on “The Big Easy (restaurant review)

  1. Yay New Orleans! I’ve never been, but I’m dying to. Can’t wait to see all the fun you have.

  2. I always knew I liked you, and then I read the first line of this post. Now I think I kind of love you.

    Have a great trip!!

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