Bao Chick-a Bao Wao

Watch out, there is some serious food porn comin’ atcha.

(Mom, close your eyes.)

So here’s the thing: there are a few dishes that I just won’t bother cooking.  Buffalo wings (the bars have that one covered), doughnuts (bakeries have those covered), beef stock (boxes have that covered)…

Most of the time it’s because I don’t have the proper equipment, and I’m not about to go out and buy a deep fryer because just imagine how much trouble that would get me in, or it’s just too time consuming and/or complicated.

Or there’s just too much majesty in the dish for me to risk f’in it up by blindly attempting my own version.

My latest Trader Joe’s discovery-of-the-week were these frozen bao.

If you’ve never heard of bao, they’re steamed Asian buns filled with meat and/or vegetables.  The dough is almost a little bit sweet, and so fluffy it’ll make you want to close your eyes and reflect on things like kittens, marshmallow fluff and Snuggles the bear.

In all likelihood, bao is not something that I will ever attempt on my own.

For one thing, I’m not a dough maker.  A dougher, if you will.  I don’t get the same joy out of kneading as some people do.

And just look how perfect they are!

Why would I go and possibly screw this up when I now know that I can buy 4 of them for $2.99 at Trader Joe’s?

Thank you once again, TJ’s, for eliminating all the problems in my life.

I ate this for dinner the night after I got back from New Orleans.

Can you sense how much of a vegetable withdrawal I was going through?


Much better.

17 thoughts on “Bao Chick-a Bao Wao

  1. Those sound amazing. Adding it to the TJ’s list!
    I am not a dougher either. Not at all.

  2. There is this adorable little old Chinese lady who makes these and sells them at the farmers market. The ones with the red bean paste (its sweet!) in them were my favorite. I tried to tell her to make gluten free ones last summer, but she kept looking at me like I had a horn coming out of my forehead so I gave up.

    Apparently gluten free isn’t common in the Chinese culture.

    • Haha, yeah I can’t imagine that she had any idea what you were talking about! Too bad! I’m not crazy about red bean paste, but maybe it’s just the way I’ve tried it…

  3. I LOVE bao. Those and shrimp & pork dumplings are the only things I like about dim sum. I never even considered getting a frozen version! Yet another reason why I’m depressed there’s no TJ’s in Canada…

    I have no desire to ever cook lobster… that’s definitely something I’ll leave to the pros 😉

    • Yeah, lobster is a tricky one. I grew up with a dad that LOVES cooking live lobster so I think I’m desensitized, but it is pretty traumatic if you’re not used to it. 🙂

  4. We had those pork things when we were in the Philippines, but they called them Shoo-pow. I don’t know how to spell that the right way. 🙂 Anyways, I wonder if they are the same thing? Looks good!

  5. oops! That wasnt my whole comment. Someone came into the office and I hit post by accident. 🙂

    What I meant to say, was I need to buy those because I LOOOVE steamed buns. Theyre probably the best things ever, and I havent had them in ages.

    • Yes, it’s called Wow Bao, and I love that place! It’s a Lettuce Entertain you restaurant actually, so it’s just in Chicago (they do have 3 locations, though!). They’re bbq pork and kung pao chicken bao are especially delicious. 🙂

  6. The post title cracks me up. 🙂

    “The dough is almost a little bit sweet, and so fluffy it’ll make you want to close your eyes and reflect on things like kittens, marshmallow fluff and Snuggles the bear.”

    Yes! I definitely feel this way when I eat bao. It makes me want to say…”wow,” actually. Hm, that would be a great name for a restaurant.

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