I Am Stronger Than The Cheese

I think it’s pretty apparent that I have an addictive personality.

I could quote every single line from every single episode of Will & Grace.

I go to Trader Joe’s about three times a week.

And when I make pasta, I almost always have to make it mac ‘n cheese.

Like here,

And here,

Sometimes I bake it, sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I add veggies, sometimes I don’t.

But no matter how you cut it, I am unequivocally obsessed with mac ‘n cheese.

I’m getting to the point where I think I need to just work at a dairy farm.  The cheese addiction would be less pricey that way.

In an attempt to do something new and different (and ok, I’ll admit it, less calorie-laden) I decided to make a cheese-less pasta dish for dinner.

I’m not a fan of marinara sauce, so that option was out.

I’ve gone the pureed veggie route before, so that wasn’t interesting me.

Then I thought of how good beans are, and how I’d just bought a can of giant cannelini beans.

I made this simple sauce by mashing about 5 oz (1/3 of a can) pretty thoroughly with a small splash of broth.

Then I added a pinch of salt and a few tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and mixed it all together.

I boiled some brown rice pasta,

roasted up some green veggies (I’m still recuperating from NoLa),

And tossed everything together with the remainder of the can of beans.

Oh, and I topped it with a little Parmesan.

What?  You didn’t expect me to quit cold turkey, did you?

I really liked this pasta, despite its (relative) lack of cheese.  It was pretty light, but stuck to my ribs thanks to the fiber in the veggies and the beans.  Next time, I’d add about twice as much balsamic for an extra kick.

Beans really do work well as sauces, and I always appreciate a homemade sauce that doesn’t require any cooking.

You should try this pasta.

Don’t worry, the mac ‘n cheese will be there tomorrow.

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    • Good idea! Sometimes I’ll just toss pasta with a little olive oil and some basil & veggies when I’m trying to make something on the lighter side. (And by lighter side I mean I definitely put parmesan on it.)

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