So About That

Remember this post?

The one in which I was cavalier about not needing cheese at every single meal?

Yeah, I’m a fool.

This happened last night:

I mean, it’s cool.  I had a salad, too.

It’s just that cheese is…magical.

Look at the little baby pizza for the kids- that is some cute cheese!

Is it weird that I just said that?  Whatever, I feel the same way about cheese that some people feel about spa packages.

Ironic, yes?

But -and this is a huge but-, I ordered this salad while out with my parents on Sunday afternoon:

It’s the Moroccan Chicken Salad from CPK.

I ate half for lunch and half for lunch the next day (yeah, I’m one of those weirdos that’s cool with eating already dressed salad as leftovers- what? I don’t like wasting food!)…

And you know what?

There’s NO cheese on this salad!  None!  Like, not even a sprinkle of parm!  I didn’t even know it was legal to serve a salad in the Midwest (ie, close proximity to lots of dairy cows) without cheese!

That’s two whole meals without any cheese, you guys.

I didn’t think I was physically capable of that.

And it was great.

To be fair, there was a good amount of avocado on there.

A salad without cheese or avocado?

Now that I can’t do.

10 thoughts on “So About That

  1. Cheese is magical. That salad looks awesome as well. I’m all about some beets. And avocado.

  2. Im in love with cheese too. I try so hard to only eat a reasonable amount, but I just cant do it.
    I’ve already eaten an entire block of cheese (granted it was a small one) since saturday.

  3. Salad leftovers? What’s that?

    I was going to say that avocado more than makes up for the lack of cheese. Way more than.

  4. I noticed this when I lived in the midwest a few years ago. Every salad came with a huge pile of shredded cheese? It wasn’t necessarily a BAD thing, of course, but not normal in any other part of the country.

  5. Yeah I hear you – salads need something other than traditional veggies to spice things up! I really like high flavor toppings like banana peppers and olives. Just a few can make it a lot more interesting!

    – Beth @

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