Mexi Mama

It’s not that often that I have the chance to take my mom out to dinner, just the two of us.

Ok, so technically she took me out to dinner.

But I drove!

We decided to check out a {relatively} new Mexican spot called Guanajuato.

I’d love to include a link, but it’s just a little mom+pop joint and they don’t have a website. 🙂

So, here’s the thing.  Whenever I go out for Mexican, I consider it a splurge meal (calorie-wise).

Consequently, I’m usually drawn to things like cheese covered enchiladas (what? I don’t like cheese that much!), or straight up chicken tacos.  Or sometimes chimichangas.

Because they’re fun to order.  Say it.  Chimichaaanga.

Last night, I wasn’t that hungry (again, shocking, I know), so I decided to eschew my usual orders and try something new.

I hadn’t had shrimp in a while, and I was going to order the shrimp tacos.  Our server (Sandy- hi, Sandy!) was adorable and talked me into the shrimp special.

It was marinated and sauteed in a chipotle cream sauce, with a side of Mexican rice and arugula (random, right?).

It was good!  If I’ve learned one thing, it’s to trust your server if they highly recommend one item over another.

I’m also just an easy sell, according to my mother.

And you know what?  I didn’t even order a margarita!

I ordered a Pacifico instead.

Hear that? I think I heard pigs wings flapping.

I pretty much never eat at a Mexican restaurant without ordering a margarita.  It just seems inappropriate not to.  And vaguely blasphemous.

Don’t worry, I drank half of my mom’s.

And then she scolded me and threatened to walk home instead of getting in the car with me.

It’s cool, though.  I soaked up the sugar-tequila (which was amazing, by the way) with a crap-ton of tortilla chips.

Because although I’ll occasionally skip my cheesy entree with a side of alcohol-laden sugar coma, I can’t abandon my chips.

They are sacred.

Mom agrees.

11 thoughts on “Mexi Mama

  1. Glad to have stumbled upon another 20-something blogger 🙂 Perusing your recipes and loving it, you’re added to my feed now!

  2. The chips seal the deal with the restaurant; the greasier (and saltier) the better.

    Sangria. The answer when you aren’t feeling margarita-y.

  3. dear megan,

    there are a lot of reasons i love reading your blog. you’re funny. you like veggies dunked in mayonnaise (ahem, balance). you make billy madison references. your food always makes me hungry. however, the #1 reason i love reading your blog is because you may be the only person in the world who loves cheese more than i do. and for that, i love you.


  4. seriously what do they put on those chips that makes you eat the whole basket?? And I also always order chimichangas because they are not only fun to say, but insanely delicious. I used to get the taco salad but the irony of it all made me stray. Salad in a fried shell…who are they kidding…

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