It’s a Ten-Fer

Every once and a while, I see a trend circulating the blog world that I have to jump on.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of lists popping up on blogs.  Sometimes the content is loosely connected, sometimes it’s not.  Sometimes the lists are funny, sometimes they’re not.

These lists are sometimes used as a cop-out for otherwise coherent and enlightening text, but I like ’em.

And believe you me, we’re all entitled to a good cop-out every now and again.

Seeing as my camera is temporarily out of commission (read: I’m staying at my parents’ house and my camera cord is still connected to the USB in my laptop at my apartment), a good 10-fer list seems appropriate for this Monday evening.

10 things I’m thinking about rightthisverysecond, stream of consciousness style:

One!  There were Dunkin Donuts munchkins in my office today.  Lots of them.  I ate two.  Which is significantly better than the 23 I wanted to eat.


Two!  I may also have had pizza for lunch.  This (combined with #1) may explain the full-on food coma that hit me right around 2:30 pm.  I DID have approximately 4 lbs of carrot sticks with my 2 pieces of pizza, however.  Balance is my middle name.

Three!  My middle name is not “Balance”, it’s Christine.

Four!  When I woke up this morning, there was a substantial coating of snow on the ground and tree branches.  A fairly constant stream of expletives came flowing out of my mouth for the following 10 minutes.

The cats have put a watch out to the authorities for any further erratic behavior.

Five!  I’m reading The Devil in the White City by Eric Larson for next month’s book club.  I am having trouble making progress because I’m too scared to read it whilst alone in my apartment.  Reading about serial murders in Chicago while living in Chicago+Megan=I’m hiding wasp spray under my pillow from now on.

Six!  Wasp spray is more effective than mace.  On both wasps and humans.

Seven!  Macing a wasp would be funny.  But probably more difficult than it would be worth.  Damn wasps.

Eight!  I have TV channels according to time of day.  Mornings are for Food Network.  Evenings are for Bravo.  Afternoons are for doing things other than rotting my brain with mindless drivel.


Nine!  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I turn into Chandler when I’m in uncomfortable/tense/awkward situations.   Job interviews, first dates, cocktail parties with fancy people…I crack bad jokes like it’s going out of style.

Ten!  I had a lovely lunch on Saturday with a fantastic young woman that I admire a ton who I hadn’t seen in way too long at a fantastic sandwich shop that I had never. been. to.  I’m glad I rectified that situation. 🙂  (Details to come!)

22 thoughts on “It’s a Ten-Fer

  1. How did you only eat 2 munchkins? While visiting Boston, I made my bestie stop at a DD so I could get some 😉

    I read True Crime novels all the time, often by myself. I may or may not have peed my bed several times…

    …kidding of course, but yeah, they’re damn scary!

  2. Woohoo! Fun list – although I’m especially partial to number 10. 🙂 I had so much fun catching up with you!

    Also – Dunkin Donuts chocolate munchkins. Obsessed. Brings back fond memories in North Carolina, where I lived for four years. I don’t think we went a week without those delicious balls (that’s what she said).

  3. Wait- where did you see a wasp exactly? And if wasn’t dead then, it definitely froze to death over the last couple of days… that is for certain.

    Those DD munchkins are worse for me than the full donut. Because I’d eat at least 10 or 12… truth.

  4. i want a munchkin in the worst way! they don’t exist here in los angeles…well, donut holes do, but not DD’s

  5. I used to go to Dunkin and get the day old bags of those bad boys in high school. Back when eating 2 dozen at a time was like nothing and there were no repurcussions. Man, to have those days (and donuts) again.

    I want to read that book! Will you tell me what you think of it when you finish?

  6. I totally turn into Chandler in awkward situations. Actually, I think I’m pretty much Chandler all the time. I even have the unknown mystery job that none of my friends understand.

  7. I like lists, but then I also love reality TV, so random information about someone I’ve never met is pretty much the criterea for me to be interested.
    And oddly enough I turn into George Costanza in awkward situations. “That’s it for me!”

  8. Wasp spray for self defense is a bad idea. It is a myth! Stick with the Pepper Spray. Wasp spray is unproven and has never been tested on humans. Wasp Spray will NOT work on those who cannot feel pain i.e. drugs or alcohol. Pepper Spray is an inflammatory which will cause the eyes to slam shut no matter the situation. That’s why over 40,000 law enforcement agencies carry it nationwide and even the smallest canisters will fire 10 ft while the larger canisters will fire 25 to 30 ft.

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