I’m glad I’m not the only one with a weakness for munchkins.

And I’m not even talking about Chelsea Handler this time.

Now that I’ve finally returned to my own apartment, after braving the ridiculous storms that the midwest is currently being pounded with- oh hey, Spring, so nice to see you-, I can finally post pictures!

And not just gratuitous weird ones of myself that further prove that I am, in fact, a weird bastardization of Friends’ Chandler.

I promise that’s the last one.

Anyway, on Saturday I had a nice little lunch with my blogger buddy, Jenn, of Eating Bender.

We hadn’t seen each other since last August, when we met at the Healthy Living Summit.  It never ceases to amaze and amuse me how easy it is for food bloggers to dive right into conversation with nary an awkward “uh…so, you come here often?”

Who ever said nerds aren’t smooth??

Jenn suggested that we go to Hannah’s Bretzel for lunch after I commented on a blog post of hers that I had never been there.

You can always count on your equally food-obsessed friends to help a sistah out.

I ordered the Apple, Thyme and Brie on a multigrain baguette.

In a city full of Jimmy John’s, Potbelly and Portillos, this sandwich was light!  It was layered with apples, fennel, caramelized onions, greens and big slabs of brie.

I tell you what.

Brie may be my first born’s name.  Let’s hope it’s a girl.

I kid.  We all know my first born’s name is going to be Thor, regardless of gender.  (And regardless of whether the movie tanks)

Considering that Hannah’s Bretzel is not only really good, but also has inventive sandwich creations (the Sergio’s Special was also calling to me), is as organic and local as possible and has a die-hard fan in my friend, Jenn, I’ll be back.

Nothing like good food with good company.  Blog nerds unite! Thanks for the sandwich suggestion, Jenn!

(Incidentally, if you’re in the Chicago area and also like to hang out with fellow bloggers, let me know- I’m trying to put together a possible blogger brunch/cocktail hour/potluck.)

10 thoughts on “Hannah+Jenn

  1. Oh my goodness I want that sandwich. Apples and brie? Perfection.

    Also, someone was just telling me about a family that had two girls and named them Brie and Chardonnay. I want to find this family and be their friend.

    • I knew a girl in junior high named Chardonnay…although I think she spelled it “Chardonney”. As if that really changed anything. 🙂

  2. Blog nerds unite, indeed. 🙂 I had such a great time and am glad you enjoyed the sandwich!

    I think it would be amazing if you named your first child Brie. Maybe Brie-ian if it’s a boy?

    Can’t wait for the next Chicago blogger adventure! I vote for cocktail hour!

    • Brie-ian? Talk about an identity crisis. 🙂 Good thing I already think about the emotional scarring that I’m bound to inflict on my un-conceived children.

  3. How about you all just come out to Philadelphia instead? We can eat cheesesteaks. It will be awesome.

  4. Another Chicago girl just posted about a sandwich from that place- I’m semi-jealous.

    Ok fine, really jealous.

    I think Thor would be simply adorable for any child. Maybe I should start my baby shower gift of a cross-stich for the nursery now.

    If you do a potluck, you know what kind of dish I’m bringing.

  5. This sandwich looks really good! Too bad I don’t live close to the Loop, but maybe this place deserves a special a trip. Also, I’d enjoy meeting fellow Chicago food bloggers at some point.

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