Sluggish Slugger

I am beginning to believe that this weather is a really cruel, extended April fool’s joke.

High of 49 today?

Oh, sure.  That sounds about right.

It snowed on Monday?

Yeah, I’ll get on board with that.

I’m not done with my winter wardrobe yet?

Good, I was hoping to break out the Snuggie one last time.


However, I am a Chicagoan and a Norwegian.

Just as I believe all pizza should be loaded up with an inordinate amount of cheese, I am also made of hearty stock.

My people were vikings.  We went into battle nekkid.

And it’s baseball season, my friends.  I was planning on going to the Cubs game last night, and I’m not about to give up perfectly good (actually, better than good) tickets because of a little frost warning.

Besides, the nachos beckoned.

The game was disappointing and chilly, but the nachos were not.

That fake “cheese” sauce really retains its heat, I’ll tell ya.

Here’s the thing: my body does not appreciate “cheese” sauce.  Today, I’m feeling a little sluggish and starved of nutrients.

Although, those jalapenos are a whole food and I ate all of ’em.

Tonight, I will be eating vegetables, thank you very much.

Nothing mindblowing here, just my standard roasted veggies.

And maybe some potatoes.

Because potatoes make the world go ’round.

And these skillet potatoes are the best.  You just throw them in a skillet with a little bit of olive oil until they get a good tan, then thrown in a tablespoon or two of water and cover the pan to let them steam and get soft and pillowy on the inside, then you finish them in the oven (at 400° or so).

I’m going to enjoy my veggie heavy meal with a nice side of sweatpants and some quality TV.  Or Bravo.

Side note: search term of the day is “tom selleck hamburger”.  The fact that someone found my lowly blog with such a monumental query totally makes my day.  I think I can retire now.

13 thoughts on “Sluggish Slugger

  1. I can’t believe it’s still that cold that regularly. We had a high of 60 today and I was griping about the cold. Bad attitude checked.
    Enjoy the veggies!

  2. Those kind of nachos are pretty much the best thing everrr. Also, weather here still sucks too. Cold and rainy and feeling far too much like winter still. I wanna wear dresses dammit!

  3. Way to eat all of those jalapenos. And you also get bonus points for heading to the game in crap weather. No one will ever call you a fair weather fan when I’m around or they’ll get a punch in the face. (Or just a really dirty look. I’m not really a puncher.)

  4. I love nacho cheese way too much. I always, always get extra.
    Its still cold here too. We’ve got sunshine, so that’s good I guess. But I was still scraping frost off my car all week long. I think Mother Nature is angry.

  5. I’m pretty sure Spring forgot about Michigan as well, since we have been having the same weather you are having! I can’t believe it’s still so cold and still having snow some days; ridiculous! I can never make roasted potatoes right, I’m going to try your way. Have a great weekend 🙂

    • I can’t wait til I have tickets to a game when it’s actually warm and sunny! And maybe the Cubs could, I don’t know- WIN?!

  6. We’ve had such kookie weather. Earlier this week it was 80. Today it was 35 degrees when I woke up. Lame.

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