Here’s to the Dive Bar

I’m not a fancy lady.

Sure, I like to dress up every now and then.

And sure, I get weak in the knees whenever I see lobster.

But really, give me a bar where I can throw my peanut shells on the floor and I’m a happy girl.

Those clubs?  Yeah, sure I’ll put on some lycra and pay $32 for a drink occasionally.

But I love daily specials any day of the week.

And my friends?  Well sure, sometimes I’ll deal with a speaker positioned right next to my head blasting the beat so loud that I can’t hear them shouting in my ear.

But mostly, I like my friends.  And I like hearing what they have to say whilst the jukebox croons in the background.

And dancing?  Well, yeah, I like to dance at da club.

But it’s me.  I’ll dance anywhere.

For all the dive bars out there, I raise my PBR to you.

13 thoughts on “Here’s to the Dive Bar

  1. There is a bar here called the Museum Club with taxidermied animals on the walls. 10 CENT PBRs on Wed night. yeah, you’d love it.

    • Yeah, I’d definitely wear pj’s to the bar if I thought I could get away with it. Ripped jeans get me by, though. 🙂

  2. This is why we need to go out together. I’m ALL about the dive bars. A place with decently priced draught, nice bartenders and friendly folks to chat with. I can’t stand uppity clubs.

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